Before I caught a flu...

Well, after fetching my sis in law and my wife's niece from the Jb CIQ, we decided to have dinner at Pekin Restaurant, near Taman Sentosa. Well, this is the first Pekin restaurant opened in JB and the food still good there, despite they opened several mega restaurants elsewhere in JB. We ordered the usual food, except this time round we go for the Pekin Pipah duck. Well, that could explained why I got a throat infection. It was not that good already and I had this... so it got even worse..hahaha..
Pipah Duck... yummmy..i love the bones!!

their famous tofu, which mixed with spinach. (notice  the greens at the side)

A vegetable to go with...

Another vegetable...long beans
It was a simple dinner and I feel like going back there again this weekend. I am recovering already from my flu and so was my kid but it was my wifey's turn to catch it! Alamak..... I should have stayed in Singapore over the weekend...hahaha... Got some Hor Yan Hor packets of herbal tea and will drink it to chase away the heatiness in me.

Stay healthy folks and have a good week!


  1. The ducks loos great, I would like to try it.


  2. No lah...memang not well, want to fall sick. Should have eaten A LOT!!! They say, starve a fever but feed a flu!!! Oooo...I love Peking Duck... Slurpsssss!!!!!

  3. OMG....duck!!

    Anyway...speedy recovery!

  4. I miss eating pipah duck! Yumz~

  5. wow...the food is drooling nice...but a bit oily lhe

  6. Aww eat more vege and drink more water!