It went down!!

What a surprise! I went to collect my cholesterol report where doc asked me to check regularly of late due to my high cholesterol for almost a while. I'm expecting it to be high as usual but somehow it drop to an all-time low! In my previous tests for years, it usually floats around 260+ but this time round, it went down to 170+. woohooo....

I guess my routine of running longer helps as I have doubled my running time to 40 mins to hit 4-5Km, took oats regularly, consume enough fiber, reduce fatty stuffs, took fish oil and as well as medication. Well, doc still wanted me to continue the medication and I have to do another test in 3 months time.

I thought mine is a lost cause but it seems like it still controllable. Will continue to live an healthy lifestyle!


  1. Congrats! Always nice to hear good news from the doctors.

  2. Congrats! Keep it up...

    P.S. Hey! Your blog's ok now... Phew.... Can relink you in my blog. LOL!!!

  3. This is a piece of good news bro, let keep it this way,you know men like us above 40,we must be on our toes as far as health is concerned,,, what more can be more effective than excercise,right.

    happy for you bro,really happy for you

  4. That's a good news!! Keep it going...

  5. Hey buddy, you really gave me confidence now to do my test and check up. I signed up with Gleneagles and delayed going for check up. I swear I will exercise and detox myself before I go. Lol what a coward I am.

    Congrats to you!

  6. Twilight - Yes, go for it! No worries if it's high, you can always bring it down through dieting and exercising.