World Cup 2010

Yes....it's the time again!! After a long four year wait, the majority of the football fans in the world will party for one month. The biggest event on Earth is about to begin !! The impact of world cup is so great that some companies willing to give time-off to their employees, especially in European countries.

For me, I have been quite a follower of  the World Cup since I was 12. Of course, my favorite team during then was Brazil. (It's England and Argentina now :p ) I witnessed the best matches of all time when Brazil (with Zico) beat Argentina 3-1 in the Espana 82 quarter-finals match. Some other memorable matches which I remember were Argentina-England quarter-finals  in Mexico 86, Argentina-West Germany in the final match of Mexico 86, Argentina-Italy Semi-Finals in Italia 90, Brazil v Holland in France 98 semi-finals, Brazil V Germany Final in Korea 2002, Italy V Germany Semi-Finals in the previous edition - Germany 2006.

For this edition, I picked Argentina to win the world cup based on the following theories-

- No European teams has won outside Europe ( check the winners' stats at wiki )
- Usually the favourites will not win but the underdogs, so don't expect Spain to lift the cup.

By the way, I predicted Italy will win the last World Cup and won some small bets with Singapore Pools. :P

Anyway, I'm afraid this edition may not be that fun for me as I didn't subscribe to the cable tv in Singapore as the telcos has been charging exorbitant fees to subscribers for the event - around S$94.16 compared to the last edition. I have to resort to watching it elsewhere. I can only watched a 'proper' match when I'm back to JB during weekend breaks.

Get ready for the biggest event on Earth with beers, nuts, McDonalds, titbits and etc...Last but not least, guys, make sure you don't desert your wifey and girlfriends for the next 4 weeks :)


  1. waaaaaa how much u won? hahahh

  2. manglish - big enough to sponsor my usual meals for 1-2 days. hahah....

    smallkucing - dun worry....little kucing dun know football yet for now

  3. You going to stay up late for the matches?

  4. BF - Likely on weekends, how about u ?

  5. Me into badminton... :P football is out for me....

  6. Sorry... not into football. I'm more an F1 gal. I like speed!

  7. Enjoy the World Cup! So no betting this time? : )

  8. Hi Chris, this the time when the TV belongs to the father or hubby, ha ha.
    I too waiting for the games to start. Lee.

  9. reanaclaire - Badminton is only 1/4 or less popular compared to WC... LOL

    Cleffairy - F1 still ok..at least for Race queens.. :P

    Merryn - huh?

    foongpc - maybe la... broke leh..

    Uncle Lee - Have a great 1 month watching the biggest show on Earth!

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