How well you take criticisms or feedback? As we all know, these are part and parcels of life, be it in workplace or home. Criticisms can be constructive and positive to oneself if taken positively with an attitude to improve the situation. Of course, most of the time, it was viewed as negative and may lead to conflicts, depression and frustration.

I always love to blog about something that I guess 'we knew but could have forgotten it', and especially if I came across it, be it on my own self or others. Like criticisms, most of us knew whether the feedback received are good for ourselves, our projects or other endeavors.Of course, it's not easy to turn criticisms into something positive but I believe it can be practice.

Well, if the feedback directed to us or our work is for our own good, then let's not felt too bad about it but seek to take it in good stride and improve ourselves. Bear no grudge against the critics but take it as something you've learned. Furthermore, everyone around us can be teachers to us, be it our peers, families or subordinates. However, if you find that the feedbacks are of evil intentions to hurt you, then it's encourageable to take some actions on it like talking to your boss ...etc.

On the other hand, when giving feedback, I felt that it's good if it could be constructive and not hurt someone's feeling but seek to motivate them. This will be more effective for the good intentions and turn the criticism into something positive.

Just some sharing....Happy working and Have a Blessed Week!


  1. I agree with you - criticism should be done in a constructive way and not meant to degrade others.

  2. i try to take in every criticism, but sometimes they can be hard to swallow hhahha

  3. totally agreeable. Criticism will be better taken if given in a constructive manner.. thumbs up :D

  4. foongpc - yeap, so that the receiver will reap the full benefits of your good intentions to improve things.

    smalkucing - thanks

    manglish - man, it's not easy. Maybe give yourself some time to move away from the situation and deal with it later when u feel better and can think straight.

    Merryn - thanks. This will also avoid unnecessary conflicts.

  5. to edify and not to put one down is okay... i always get constructive comments, i take it that way..

  6. reanaclaire - Usually, good managers gave constructive comments, as if he/she demotivated the subordinate, in the end, the manager will suffered from the low quality work.