Drive well please!

I really don't have much time lately to blog as well as read and comment on others' blogs. I also don't have time to prepare for my exam, which luckily I haven't sign up yet. I also don't have time to do some reading on my favorites self-improvement books. And, I only have time for- BOLA! :P Thus, do forgive me if I didn't visit your blog as often as before lately..hahaha...

Btw, I read in the morning paper about a devastating accident happened in Johor where a bright teenage life at his early 20s has been ended. His girlfriend was driving the car and God knows what happened, the car was in a terrible shape after the accident! I'm  sorry for the victim's family but I have no comments on this incident, as to who 'salah'.

However, this brought to my mind on the reckless drivers that I encountered on the highway. They overtook you on the left emergency lane and within seconds, they are back on the fast right lane. Some of them  tailgated you although you are driving at 110Km/h, which is the speed limit. They flashed their headlights at you if you don't give way while on the right lane. They drove so near to your car after they overtook where you have to applied the brake. The list go on....

I wish if every drivers kept to the speed limit, practise a little courtesy on the road, have enough rest and not under stress or under influence of alcohol or medications, a little patience and so on, it will be great driving experience.

Have a nice weekend, folks and Ole Ole Ole.....


  1. good luck in ur exam ya...err wat exam har?

  2. yes, i seen those impatient drivers before. they just trail u so near from behind.. sigh..

    wei, see yr parents pic in my blog!!

  3. Waka Waka dude...

    Condolences to the accident victim though...

  4. Bro, i am still trying to come to my senses that i must keep cool when encountering such reckless drivers, but my hatre for these irresponsible always get me very flared up and sometimes i will do funny things one,, my wife always tell me dont be a vigilante, let them kill themeselves, but i will always tell my lovely wife, if i dont f**k them, they will kill the innocents,,

    hahahah, i really dont know bro,,,

  5. Happy watching Bola and all the best on your exam..if you decided to take.

    As for accident. Memang kesian

  6. Hi Chris, the World will be waiting for your footprints....wish you luck and all the best in your further studies, Lee.
    ps, re the car crashes, maybe fooling around or talking on h/phone.

  7. Haha! Me too no time to blog and visit other blogs but I do my best lah. World Cup mania now - what to do but to succumb to it? : )

  8. manglish - tell u later once I pass it..haha

    reanaclaire- ya lor..they are one irritating bunch!

    merryn - :)

    Eugene - no words to describe them man..sometimes, i rather forget it than making myself angry.

    smallkucing - :)

    Uncle Lee - thanks!

    Jingle - thanks dear!

    foongpc - ya lor..wat to do..4 years once!

  9. dropping by Chrisau.... ohhh...so, you move to blogspot huh? been 9 months that i did not blog hop...im updating my list...see yah