Sunday morning breakfast at Yew's Cafe

It's been a while back since I patronized Yew's Cafe in JB and it's great to be back on a sunday morning for their breakfast. I always like the ambiance and environment in the cafe, it's quiet and relaxing and a great place to wind down with a cup of coffee and their delicious offerings on their menu.

Well, back to my breakfast, I had their customised Yew's breakfast set. It comes with two toast, three sausages, beans, two slices of ham, scramble eggs and salad. This cost around Rm9.90, with the coffee or tea. Well, it sounds expensive but I guess it's affordable, if you compare with McDonald's meals. And, it was filling till I had a late lunch last sunday.

After been a while since I dined here, I find that their coffee is still great. I always told some of my friends that their coffee is one of the best around town. I remember few years back, I just went there for a cup of coffee and toasts druring tea time. :)

They have four branches all over JB right now. Check out their website for the addresses and menu.


  1. Your breakfast is so filling! ^_^ and your cup of coffee hmmmmm....i'm sure that smells great ^_^

  2. half cheaper than the breakie i had at coffee bean. talking about mcd, i miss their breakfast too.

  3. meryl - that's what I like! And, having a great coffee on a sunday morning really perk u up for the leisures ahead :)

    jen - yeah, with the nice surrounding environment in this place, it's worthwhile. aiya..McD is everywhere, go grab a McMuffin!

  4. Oh my tongue, that looks sumptuous! I can almost smell the aroma of the coffee hehehe..

    Off topic:

    Just to answer your question on my post. The photos were taken in 2003 in the Philippines..

    Thanks for following one of my blogs.. I will add you in my list too, hope you can add me here too..

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  5. oh oh~~
    Yew's cafe!!
    i've been there ONCE also..hahaha..
    quite expensive actually