China Trip 2017 - Guangzhou # 2

We stayed one night in Guangzhou at Rosedale Hotel, which seems quite luxurious and is very convenient too with lots of restaurants and shops nearby. It looks like a 5-Star hotel which served international buffet breakfast but we are disappointed with the cleanliness of the hotel. This seems an old hotel which has their prime past.

Nevertheless, I had a good view of the heartlands from the hotel. The city is a mixed of very old buildings and new skyscrapers! It's a very interesting city which of course, there are lots of history to learn here!

The heartlands , mixed with old buildings and new modern buildings and skyscrapers.

A view of Rosedale Hotel, before leaving
We arrived at the CBD area of Guangzhou while on the way to Flower City Square and were greeted with lots of skyscrapers. This place was so modern!!

Office towers everywhere!

Arhh...my neck going to break!

Another iconic building!

There were some functions going on, nearby the Flower City Square.

My princess jumping posed at the Flower City Square.

The Canton Tower at the background during sunrise.