What would you do if you are having a day off but cannot go anywhere far, for example, you have kids at school and your spouse is working ? You have to fetch them from school and work at a later time but you still have the day to yourself? I guess most of us will sleep late on the day before and wake up late on that off day, then turn on the tv or surf net , play candy crush or some other games to pass time, probably get some fast food for brunch ? This seems sounds good.

However, I guess the best is to wake up early, run or workout and have a great breakfast after that. After a nice shower, do something that we wanted to do all the while , or even catch up a movie which we have missed at the small or silver screen. Finished all our personal work that we have been neglecting like writing a post for a blog, budgeting, working on our part-time income (if we have any) , update our CV (maybe that may land us in a better job), house cleaning, read a book and etc.

Oh...you may wonder why I write this ? Cause I did the former over the last weekend and somehow I felt lazy especially waking up late as it can make us a little less sharper and grodgy. So I thought, let's wake up early and do something useful if I cannot go anywhere far. Agreed?

Oh.. I was back at Niniq Bistro in JB  and had something light.

A ice-blended coffee for a hot day

Ham and cheddar cheese sandwich

Have a good and fulfilled weekend!! :)


  1. I would love those sandwiches. No, I would not sleep late - would probably go online most of the time, or cook something at home...or go and browse around the shops, food section, of course.

  2. Me, at least one workout during the weekend, if not will feel uncomfortable... lol...

  3. What a funny emo post to rant 3 paragraphs of your lazy weekend to end with a glass of ice blended coffee with cheddar cheese sandwich! At least you enjoyed your time eating! Some days I also felt lazy and life seemed meaningless too. That's when I hit the gym to refresh & restart my brains.

    Hey, post some kawai gals running in tight shorts along the East Coasts la. You will be motivated by their actions. Happy weekend Chris.

  4. I'm so wish to have a public holiday now, such a long time I didn't wake up around 8am already, usually I only wake up that late during public holiday, like now I got to wake 530am everyday is so lazy. Anyway Have a good weekend! =]

  5. For me, perhaps I will go for a facial or body massage ba! ME time!

  6. I rarely have free time, Chris. I forgot when was my last free day. If I have free time, I will hit the gym too. I spend around 2 to 3 hours there, then I have no more time for other things anymore. If I still have free time after the gym, I would love to bake.

  7. I want to sleep late but my kids would be up early even on weekend. Last time when I worked, I usually busy on my off-day; running errand etc. Guess that is one reason to take off-day.

  8. I would just stay at home, watch Astro, haha.. I want to wakeup later too, but after having kids, they wakeup earlier than me, so I gotta wakeup at 6+ too even on weekends, sobs..