What a week!

To most of us, the CNY seems over although the festival has just reaches its mid-point of the 15 day celebration. Yes, I am back for work after a short holiday in Ipoh. This year's CNY was kinda quiet as my brothers were not back, thus, we had a simple reunion dinner at home. It was nice to have a steamboat on an unusual rainy CNY eve's evening.

Nothing fancy ... just some abalone, sotong, prawns, tofu, fish ball, squids, liver...etc. 
I was out most of the time and I was also surprised that Ipoh was not that jam compared to previous years. I guess it's most likely due to the short school holidays and most folks rather don't want to travel. Coming home was a breeze but going back to JB was terrible. I was stuck in a 6 hours plus jam starting from Seremban.

Well, I took some pixs around Ipoh. Let the pictures do the 'blogging'.

Below and above, shopping at Yee Hup Confectionary in Gunung Rapat for delicacies. 

Having lunch at the famous Old Town Kopitiam

The char kway teow ... sadly, the standard diminished , probably due to the bulk orders from the crowded patrons.

The Kopi ice still good.

Freshly baked egg tarts. The filling was thick and hot!Nice !!

Fried Carrot cake ...the food that I love since I was a kid but sadly this one really cannot make it. I didn't finish it.

Shopping next door for exotic produce and notice these ... snakes gall bladders.

Dried star fishes... 

 I drove around looking for wall mural paintings but only found some ... 
Above and below, the busy stretch of streets which was turned into a pasar malam.  A street of taugeh chicken eateries starting from Lou Wong.

Got some cute delicacies

oh... I love this one... the 'tok tok' malt candies. It's been awhile since I had it.
Have a good week and drive safely if you are planning a journey.


  1. A short trip back home must be nice too. :)

  2. Lina - Yeah , it's nice but better to go back during non festive period. There are lesser crowds and no jams.

  3. So the food in Ipoh deteriorated? How sad!!

  4. Ooooo...I love steamboat. We didn't have that...and we're not having that for Chap Goh Meh either - weekday, my girl will not be home for the dinner. Sobsssss!!!!! Interesting post...cute pastries.

  5. Every year, we used to have steamboat for reunion dinner, more senang, and no need to rush eating in restaurants.. They usually have a time, like 5pm or 7pm, then they will rush you to prepare for the next customer.. So yeah, steamboat at home is more nice, yummzzz..

  6. Did they mark up the price for the foods during the CNY period over at Malaysia?

  7. As usual all the delicious food in Ipoh...especially the egg tart.

    Happy CNY to you and family, Chris.

  8. steamboat!!! i always have a phobia towards steamboat.. because for the past 20 over years, our CNY eve dinner will be steamboat!! and in order to "clear stock" of the leftovers, we will have steamboat again and again for the next couple of days, haha~~

  9. so you were back in Ipoh.. ah, must be very packed with people as many went back home to celebrate CNY.. so different from the very quiet KL during CNY, which i start to miss now, haha!!

  10. wow, i love the coffee and the egg tarts!! you know, i am not a coffee fan but when i was in Ipoh, i love their white coffee leh, taste smooth and not strong yet very nice to drink.. no wonder Ipoh White Coffee is so famous..

  11. Steamboat is very practical and nice to eat too. Too bad the fried carrot cake was not up to mark. It is one of my favorites too.

  12. Egg Tarts! Egg Tarts! Ipoh still has the best in the world. They certainly go well with a good coffee!

    I used to suffer for so many years driving back to Penang for CNY. Now my parents are here.

  13. Oh yes! Those tarts sure look good, Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you and your family :)

  14. I had steamboat on CNY eve, I still remember I ate so much til I almost cannot breath, LOL!

    1. Egg tarts!! Looking very tempting, please courier some to me next time, haha!