A day at the zoo ...

I have been in SG for donkey years but somehow I never been to the zoo. And, the zoo is just a 20 minutes drive from where I stayed...LOL. Anyway, since my kid pestered me to bring him to the zoo while I can used my company's corporate pass (which mean it's free for a family of four), I thought why not?

It was a Saturday and the zoo was expectedly crowded since it's school holidays. I like the concept of the Singapore Zoo, it's very natural and close to nature unlike those zoos which caged the animals. Over here, they intelligently create a barrier between the animals and the visitors, and have viewing galleries.

Polar bear swimming in the cold waters

A great Rhino

oh... I love this fella!

Beautiful giraffes

oh... you know, I guess I irritated this big guy. I was standing there snapping pics of it while it keep on roaring at me. I somehow notice it and i quickly walk away. Of course, there's a gap in between us.

Beautiful and serene Lake of Mandai

Proboscis monkey

My little princess enjoying a pony ride

And, so do my prince

fun time .... Merry go round!

Look what's lurking in the swamp!

oh.... I love this fella... Komodo Dragon. I was kinda fascinated with their story

And, save the best for last - The White Tigers!
Overall, I think it's a great tourist attractions and there were also some good shows! In addition, they served good KFC there .... !!


  1. Sweet! Nothing like spending quality time with loved ones.

  2. Stp - it's more than quality time!!!

  3. Meitzeu - I guess you love animals !

  4. Sg's zoo is at Jurong East right? Too far! haha

  5. Singapore zoo looks nice and clean.. my family would love it here too!

  6. When I was young I been to Singapore zoo and my 2nd time was in 1999. That is a long time. Lol.

  7. Small Kucing - you should bring your little kucing there!

  8. Ken - Nope, at Mandai. At the north.

  9. Baby Sumo - yes,I think it's much better than Malaysia's Zoo.

  10. Rose - haha..this was my first time visiting!