Saturday nights...

It was a stressful week for me as I have to fire-fight some production issues in work, and been staying up late. The issues happened too sudden on a wednesday morning and I found myself shift from a clumsy low gear to high gear up till Friday in work. And, I guess the issues are settled but still keeping my fingers crossed!

Thus, a relaxing Saturday was welcoming for me. In fact, Saturday nights are always special for everyone who works from Mon-Fri. This is really a time to wind down, catch a movie with your loved ones, do some exercises in the evening, shop and dine. As for me, I slept the afternoon away after fetching my kids from tuition and headed to Tebrau City to shop and dine. Well, unsure of what to eat, I suddenly had a craving for pizza (and so was my wife), we ended up in Vivo Italian restaurant.

Ordered a large pizza to share between my wife, my little girl and myself
This is the first time I tried their pizza and I must say it's better than Pizza Hut.

My son's favourite , Fish and Chips. However, he shared this with his little sis. :)
Up next, a treat for my kids and wifey.... brownie with chocolate ice-cream.

As for me, an freshly brewed Americano will do.... :)
We went around to shop in the crowded mall but only got some groceries from the supermarket. Well, as usual we did our weekend shopping for groceries and food whether in Jusco, Tesco or Giant.

Have a good week, folks while I'm still following up on my issues in work. :)


  1. Ohhh! The Pizza looks so good! =D

  2. Bread crust? Hmmm...I prefer thin crust.

  3. I love pizza but love lasagne better!

  4. wahh..so pandai to tarn.. the dessert looks good leh...

  5. I believe good food brings happy mood!

    Take care and cheers~

  6. Choc...happy food.

    Good way to de stress

  7. I also prefer their Americano coffee to Starbucks rubbish. But agree that pizza looks great. Work issues do sometimes get crazy. But glad to see you relax with family. Doing this let's you see that your hard work is worth it.

    Keep Smiling - it helps

    Regard John