Staying calm...

I always believe it's important to stay calm and serene throughout our life instead of tiring the mind with panicky and anxious thoughts. I knew some friends of mine love to think negative and as a result, they feel anxious and depressed. I especially knew one guy who is an assistant manager and had his own business too. He had a daughter and a working wife. However, he still anxious and keep deliberating on the bad things in his life, like how tough to run his business, how difficult to manage his subordinates...etc. I'm sure he's enjoying his life challenges if he take on a more positive approach to his problems and maintain his calmness.

When one is calm, relax and alert, he/she can take on problems easier compared to those who are anxious. For example, if one met with a car accident, he/she can calmly work out on how to move on rather than those who are panicky and just froze. Just an hour ago before I wrote his blog, one impatient car driver just overtake me from the right in the opposite lane when I was about to turn into another junction, with my signal on. I'm sure he can reduce the risk in his life with some calmness and patience.

Some of the ways I thought of in order to help us maintained our serenity is through regular meditation or exercise. I prefer the latter and that's the reason I work out, though there are, of course other physical benefits. After a workout, I felt much calmer throughout the day or next. It's like medicine to me. Even a 20 mins run did me good.


  1. Breath in...breath out...errr...still not working..kakaka...

    ya need to stay calm but sometimes can't help being anxious bout things.

  2. Ermmm depends on what kind of situation...not every time fuhhh.huuuu *breath in..breath out** works..LOL!!

    By the way, how was your holidays?

  3. It is not always easy to stay calm. Certainly not for me, I am a high energy person.


  4. Yes, whatever happens, take a deep breathe, try to stay calm..
    Slowly, solutions will come... ;)

  5. Kucing - part and parcel of life mah.... It is up and down. So have to learn to how to manage it.

  6. Yee ling - yeah but I believe exercise helps to calm us down generally. Holidays....ok lor.... Not as good.

  7. Filip - me too, and that's why i try to workout to calm myself.

  8. I used to think would I be happy If I had millions in my bank.......? I don't think so seriously,, cos by then I will have million dollars problem.

    chill ya