China Trip 2017 - Foshan

I guess whenever people heard of Foshan, the first that came to mind is martial art masters like Wong Fei Hung or Ip Man. Yes, finally, I gotta the opportunity to visit Foshan after hearing it since my childhood in kungfu movies and dramas. And, Foshan is not a village like what I seen in the movies but a big province, though to the chinese people, it is consider a small place. I let pictures do the talking in this post.

 First before we reached Foshan, we were around a place called Zhongsan. I guess it was named after Sun Yat Sen. We were actually at his birthplace and what a historical place to visit. There was a museum here with full of stories about his life, his wives, his siblings, his family, his descendants, parents and etc. It took a while for us to wrap up the visit at the museum.

Great to be at the birthplace of this great man after visiting his mausoleum in Nanjing 2 years ago

Map of the museum area

The place where he is born ... his ancestral house. See below.

The houses at his  home village 

An indoor museum 

Enactment of one of his room  

Cuiheng village - His birthplace 

Enactment of a kitchen in the village

A statue of Sun Yat Sen
 Next we reached Foshan and visited the Foshan ancestral temple which also called Zumiao. Here they housed  several memorial halls and a Taoist worship temple. I especially like visiting the Wong Fei Hung and Ip Man memorial halls.

Wong Fei Hung Memorial hall

The courtyard of the memorial hall. It seems like those KungFu films where the boxers practise their kungfu here...LOL
You can read the history of Master Wong's movies and dramas over here. 

We were entertained to a show of martial arts and lion dance 

Selfie with the statue of Master Wong

Then, I headed to Ip Man memorial hall. 

Yours truly almost want to pose in a typical Wing Chun move but didn't do so out of respect for the Master. 

A portrait of Master Ip

We travel to the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, which is the oldest kiln in Foshan. This is also where pottery originated in Foshan. Nearby, there were a lot of pottery shops.

I like the design of the kiln, it's looks unique !

Inside the kiln

The roots of the tree crawling up the wall... it must an very old tree

An old lane there

Above and below, some of the old homes there, where most of t hem turn into shops

A landscape view of the village there at Nanfeng Kiln

A street in Foshan 

All these shops sold pottery, it seems to be a local art and product there.
There it is, I let the pictures did most of the blogging in this post. It's easier to show around my day 3 itinerary. And, the weather got colder as we move north, around 15 to 18 celsius compare to Macau and Zhuhai.


  1. I wish I could travel...but personally, somehow, China is not in my list, thank you very much.

  2. I find China to be better than most of the countries. The roads are clean and it is advance. There are beautiful sceneries around and good food.

  3. China has beautiful scenery, but the foods, not much to my liking...

    1. The food at Guangzhou area more suitable to us. I like the food there compare to shanghai.

  4. Oh, that's how Ip Man looks like hee..hee...

    1. Yup, you google him. Together with Donnie yen the actor, you can get the real Ip Man pics. He’s on Wikipedia too!

  5. hey, I have visited China so many times and always enjoyed its food, scenery and even rude people! They are the Chinese culture of ours and don't understand all those weird comments like ang moh talking sour grapes....blah blah..
    Thank you for sharing the very interesting photos. I am undecided now whether to visit Foshan or Henan to see the Wushu villages & Shaolin Temples. I think Master Wong and Ip Man also went to Henan to learn the skills.

  6. I love that pic of the roots crawling up the wall. So nice! Your kids are so nice can follow you to these places. If my boys, they'll be complaining much already as they are not the type to jalan jalan see things wan -.-

  7. Maybe i should, like tm said not let one bad experience in beijing stop me from visiting china, china do have many places of beautiful scenery, actually frankly i quite like shanghai, i may have visited shanghai that time but my friend wanted to go beijing so i compromised

    1. Libby - I love Shanghai very much just because I walked the Bunds for 3 nights with my wife with cold wind blowing our faces in Winter. It was so beautiful at night to walk the whole city and admire the old buildings. I could imagine the old HKG TVB drama - The Bunds outside the famous Peace Hotel where Chow Yuen Fatt & Sam Liu Leong Wai had filmed.

  8. Indeed, Foshan reminded me of Wong Fei Hong. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

    Love the old rustic village and buildings.

  9. I know Foshan and Hong Kong are two different places, but Foshan reminds me of somewhere historical and a part of HK. *smh*

    Thanks for sharing about Foshan! At least now I'm aware that it's a historical place that is not part of HK. =)