Food fiesta.....

When you are on a cruise, one of the main attraction that everybody look forward to was the abundant of food there. Food were served almost 24 hours a day at various restaurants. The restaurants seems to take turns to serve you, whenever one closed, another one opens. Thus, you will never get hungry on a cruise and it's also a good time to put on weight and indulge. LOL I almost had 7 meals a day, 2 meals in the morning where it started at 6.30am, 2--3 meals in the afternoon and 2 meals in the evening. The supper was available from 10pm onwards till 6.30am.

Since I love to blog about food, I have taken some of the food pixs served in the ship.  Since this is an Italian cruise, they mainly served Italian dishes. Thus, I almost had pasta and pizza daily!!  *WARNING* DO NOT READ WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH!! :P

Appetiser - Tuna salad

Side meal  - Pasta with mince meat

Appetiser - Brocolli with shittake mushrooms and onions

Main meal  - Fish fillet and chips

Main meal - Chicken in herb sauce

Dessert - Chocolate cake

Dessert - Strawberry ice-creams

Appetiser - Nuggets

Side meal  - Some rice cook in herbs *blur*

Soup - *forgot*

Side meal - Pasta in Olive Oil and cheese

Main meal - Fish

Main meal -- Chicken in some sweet sauce

Main meal - Pie with Edamane beans salad

Pork with cheedar cheese

Dessert - some fruit cakes

Side meal - Macaroni

Main Meal  - Fish 

All day available - Salad

Main meal - Fried rice

Dessert - Strawberry cupcake

Dessert - Almond cake

Apppetiser - Squid salad

Appetiser - *forgot* :(

 One of our favourite restaurants

Above and below, waiter and waitress did a flash mob to entertain the crowd 

They churned some moves with songs like Gangnam style, Gentleman and Italian songs.

Side meal - Pasta

Main meal - Lamb cook with herbs

Appetiser - Fried chicken wing

Appetiser- Mini Pizza

Main meal - Beef cooked with some  ......... ???
There you are .... some of the dishes I sample during there. Well, I needed to put in more effort in the gym now. :P Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. That's what they tell me about old people like me if I go on a cruise - eat...and eat and eat and eat only...and sleep! None of all the sporting activities for me, the clubbing & the partying....and I don't gamble.

    1. STP - well, you can opt not to eat too much and swim. You can also watch live shows since you love music.

  2. All these in a cruise? Wonderful! Which cruise is it?

    1. Kucing - I guess all cruise like that la. Mine is Costa.

  3. OK, I WILL BOOK THE NEXT CRUISE!! hahahaha... Yes, I heard non stop yummy food.. very worth it.. only whether can consume and store so much or not in our stomach! :)

    1. Reana - can la.... eat and play and eat and rest.

  4. OMG! I will get fat for sure with 24 hours service. They looked yummy.

  5. Wow 7 meals a day! haha but i guess that should be fine, the portion doesn't seem to be big though

    1. Ken - Small portion but then it's a 5 course meal for lunch and dinner.

  6. Twilight - lol... Once a while.

  7. That's quite a lot of food, I guess this is the only post with so many food pictures huh? Hehehe...

    1. Hayley - yeah, that's the only blog post with so much food.

  8. Replies
    1. Wenn - hahha ... That's why I said read not with an empty stomach

  9. Wah 7 mealsa day.. i would turn into a big sumo. Haha! Btw I have followed yr blog ya ;)