Let's Eat Restaurant, JB

This is becoming one of my favourite restaurants to dine in. Let's Eat is an HK style restaurant, similar to those 'char chan teng' that you find everywhere but I especially likes to come over here , probably I'm shopping nearby at Tesco or Giant, the nice food and affordable price, strong WiFi connection and a clean environment.

Chicken Chop Rice - this is great, the chicken chop is very fragrance and nicely grilled. Mixed the gravy with the white rice and it whets up your appetite. Cost..can't quite remember, didn't note down.
French Fried Rice - RM6.90. My kid's favourite and he almost can finish the entire plate. I'm also beginning to love this fried rice.
  Salt Fish Fried Rice - RM7.90. Imagine the crunchy salted fish all over the hot fried rice. Need not say more... :)
Shredded Pork Vegetable Shanghai Noodle - RM6.90. A healthy and delicious bowl of soupy noodle with shredded pork meat. I love the salty soup which was enhanced by the pieces of salty vegetables.
'Ying Yong' (tea mixed with coffee - HK Style) - RM5.80. My favourite beverages and always ordered it whenever i'm in a HK restaurant.

Let's Eat Restaurant is located at 23, Jalan Molek 2/3, Taman Molek 81100 JB. Tel - 607-3522023


  1. wah...very expensive hor? one plate of fried rice also 7.90... over here, coffeeshop sells for 4rm la..the most..hahaha...but of course, no air con .. anyway, the salted fried rice looks good..

  2. one of my fav is salted fish rice :)

  3. tmn molek....hmmm...trying to recall where....hahahahah anyway i am sure i will love that chicken chop too

  4. Ying Yong.. looks tempting.. got ying yong tea n milo or not? coz i dun take coffee... :)

  5. reanaclaire - ok la..this is a restaurant, not a kopitiam

    smallkucing - yeap, me too!

    manglish - near Taman Johor jaya, rings a bell?

    Merryn - no la..only tea + coffee. then u take tea with milk.