Post CNY blues....

Well, CNY is almost over and I'm sure lots of the folks are preparing to leave their kampung and back to work. This is one of the most 'sian' or depressing period as the holidays season, starting from  Christmas (or even Hari Raya Haji) is over. We are back to reality, back to life and work.:(

Some of us probably need some time to get over the holidays blues and I thought these opinions of mine might help :

1. Continue to celebrate - Do not stop the celebration even when you back to work, at least for the first week. Indulge yourself in having a sumptuous meal, a massage, go for a movie or shop around. Make yourself 'feel' you're still very much in the festive mood.

2. Slow down at work - Do not jump at full throttle in work but slow down a bit. Leave work early but focus on the more important tasks at hand. Leave the menial tasks at some later time. This may helps to reduce some post holiday blues. Just slow down....

3. Work on your goals - Probably it's time to work on the goals that we have planned for,  so that we can look forward to the rest of the year.It's also makes us feel motivated.

4. Plan for the next holiday, be it a short or long vacation. Afterall, this year has a lot of long weekends as most of the holidays falls on Fridays or Mondays. This will certainly helps to chase away some blues.

To those who are driving home, have a safe trip and good weekend!


  1. no 1 and no 4 is the most practical hahahahahh.......continue eating your bak kwa, then u wont feel so blue :)

  2. I wish I could celebrate longer but back to work on the 4th day.

  3. Such a good post, Chris.
    Wonderful suggestions.
    Good job.

  4. manglish - no more bak kwa for me..all finished. :(

    BF - hahaha...i only start work next monday but already feeling the blues!

    shakira - i thought of how i feel when i drive the opposite lane at the highway while on the way home for CNY and came out with this post

  5. you go back to spore already? ipoh damn sesak & hot, sien T_____T

  6. No wayyy!!! I am really looking forward for all these CNY hoohah is over. Can't wait to get back to routine!!! Praise the Lord for sending me home in one piece!

    I don't get post celebration blues, cuz I hate celebrations in the first place. To me, it's a mere obligation that I am forced to endure. Work pressure, routine, i can handle... but not overwhelming things like in laws and things that involves emotion and socializing. God... fatser get me into routine! LOL...

  7. I'm already back at work .. life is still good :D

  8. Thanks for these tips! I sure need them as I'll be back to work tomorrow! And I'm feeling the blues now : (

  9. I love the sound of number...holiday in March or april ....

  10. Hi Chris, there is no holiday here except X'mas, but the Chinese are allowed to take a day off work. Fortunately CNY was on a Sunday. Most took Monday off.
    You stay easy and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

  11. I will try everything you suggested here,,hahahaha

  12. jen - yeap, back. Well, I agreed with you that Ipoh is really darn hot this CNY. I was sweating profusely!! Meet up la next time!!

    cleffairy - alamak...u so opposite ! LOL

    Merryn - that's fast. I only start work on mon. :)

    smallkucing - got one long weekend next week in m'sia, but not S'pore.

    Uncle Lee - thanks! Well, at least there's a day off in Canada, not too bad. :)

    eugene - bro, u back in Penang?
    foongpc - well, me too... already got the blues once the first 2 days of CNY are over. :(