Sunday Brunch at Super Cafe ....

I thought this was another local cafe with a Starbucks or Coffee Bean theme which operated by the Super Group, more known for their 3 in 1 coffee sold all over the country and Singapore. Located at the less popular Aeon Permas Jaya, their manufacturing plant was just 2KM away. It was only until I realised they served meals , and not just desserts to go along with the coffee.

The environment was pleasant with a few tables and sofas and it was relaxing dining there. After all, this Aeon was not as crowded as the other five Aeons in JB.
Super Cafe... pictures courtesy of Super Cafe facebook page
While running some groceries after fetching my kids from tuition nearby, we decided to try out the food there and  had brunch.  I guess this is the only or the first cafe that the Super Manufacturing Group opens.

A pancake and ice cream with chocolate syrup on top for my little princess

Aglio Olio for my wifey

My kid and I ordered a set each of their breakfast set.
Overall,  the food was great and I especially love the scramble eggs, which was also my kid's favourite. I definitely love their Americano, which was thick and slightly bitter which really perks me up for the day! After having a light breakfast, I considered this a brunch and it was a good one!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Don't mind, can your font be a little bigger, I have to use magnifying glass, this Auntie here got poor eyesight.

    Oh, never mind, I can make it bigger using my computer :P

    Back to the post, I love scramble egg too, anyway I love any form of egg, be it steam, runny or omelette

  2. Can't say I like the look of their scrambled eggs, looks like omelette. What are those balls? Mashed potatoes? How much did you have to pay for that breakfast platter?

    P.S. The size of your font is fine by me...and I'm 65. I actually think it is nicer, the smaller than usual size for the captions below the photos.

  3. Your blog layout is very neat and nice. The fonts are too big, so please reduce the size. I am only 15 with good eyesight. Just kidding man.

    You had a yummy meal with your family and all the breakfast meals looked good. Next time I will pass JB for breakfast okay. You got the hint?

    1. Hello Kurage. Your blog has expired with cob webs spinning and putrid water leaking all over. I need umbrella to visit your blog post.

      Hurry Up Lah!!!!

    2. Relax la... need to warm up !

  4. Love your new blog design. Nice.

    This place looked pleasant. I love the breakfast set.

    Happy weekend to you and family too.

    1. Thanks, I wanted to change a new template and possibly add new stuffs but gradually.

  5. Nice new template . Have a lovely weekend

  6. Wahhhh.. back to blogging, Bro.. good... good... Happy Returning!