Cendol Klang

It's been a long time since I visited Klang, probably a decade more when I was still in college. And I was amazed with the changes that took place in this town, which used be a small, quiet town when I was here a decade ago. There were new townships, the largest Jusco in the country, busy streets and lots of great seafood eateries. Even the town centre was bustling on a saturday afternoon with heavy traffic.

I was introduced to this little shop situated in town which sells great cendol. It was established in 1972 and probably the business has been passed down to another generation. Heard that they used to be cendol peddlers before setting up a shop.

There were quite a crowd then when I was there on a late afternoon. Well, probably it's due to the hot weather, tea hours and of course, good cendol.

This was how the cendol looks like when served. Lots of ice granules added on top to freeze the dessert, besides the added liquid brown sugar and the green cendols with nuts.It was served in a small silver bowl, which will keep the ice from being easily melted. The cendol tasted good! The coconut milk was not too salty and smooth while the serving is also not too sweet. Just nice! Smooth, milky and refreshing!
Their rojak is delicious too! It comes with some fried prawn dough, eggs, cucumber and other salad. Dipped it in the sauce while it's still hot and you can't helped with another serving.  

A nice, cool cendol and a mouth-watering rojak, just nice for an afternoon bite before moving on to continue checking out the town. Cendol Klang is located at - 78 Jalan Nanas, Klang.


  1. I passed by Klang many times on KTM commuter on my way to Port Klang.

    Never explore Klang and its food. Looks nice

  2. the cendol looked very original...the way they used to make it in the past :) must try next time :)

  3. eh..yes, i like the cendol too..looks good yeah?

  4. BF - Since you like to explore, I guess you should try a day trip around Klang town and Port Klang. I also like their Little India, which is a street across, selling lots of Indians stuffs.

    manglish - Yeah man. Try it. You might end up with two bowls.

    reana - yeah, it's really good!

  5. wow..i love cendol n rojak..yummy..

  6. i heard of this place from astro some time ago! hard to find nice cendol in ipoh.

  7. rojak and cendol....damn kao nice combination.....i din know klang got nice cendol to eat ler...good recommendation!

  8. I love cendol also.. must go and find out this place!

  9. the green like noodles in cendol taste like pandan? cendol seems like a good dessert..
    the rojak seems tasty as well.

  10. The cendol and rojak looks absolutely delicious! I love cendol too, especially on a hot day!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog : )

  11. wenn - most of the folks love it!

    jen - issit? wow...i must be lucky to try it. Well, long back in Ipoh, I remember there used to be a lot of mamak peddlers but guess not now anymore.

    vialentino, cindy - go, try it !

    Meryl - actually the whole dessert is called cendol but sometimes we refer to the green thing as cendol or maybe it's just me..lol

    foongpc - thanks for visiting too!