Shalala Coffee, Pagoh, North-South Highway

If you happens to drive northbound from JB or Singapore, you will likely pass by this Pagoh rest & recreation stop. This will take almost two hours if you are driving at 100-110km/h from  the Skudai toll centre.

The place is fully air-conditioned and spacious, where you will find lots of tables even though you are travelling during the peak periods like CNY or Raya. It's just great for a 'cool' rest unlike those toll food courts which are usually dirty, hot and full of flies. I usually stop by here and go in have an refreshing cup of great coffee.

 Above and below, the interior of the cafe. It's not crowded at that time while I was there last thursday, since it was a working day.
 Here's my recommendations - Asam Laksa and ....
 Thai Asam Laksa. Both cost around RM6.90.
The laksas are great and my family and I usually had a bowl of it before resuming our journey.  Lots of ingredients added and nice aromatic asam laksa soup. The only minus point is the soup is not as hot as we like it.
There's also a lot of nyonya kuihs around and I ordered the above (can't remember the name) for my kid.

And, not forgetting a cup of freshly brewed coffee which is a necessity for long journeys, which comes at Rm3.

Another snap at the cafe before we continued our journey. Looks great, right?


  1. hello there thanks for reading my blog...i agree with you,with facebook now we actually are connected to our past folks, myself included..hahaha....i think i wrote about it once too...:) have a nice day :)

  2. BF - yes, dats why I blog abt it :)

    manglish - thanks for commenting here too! I've added you to my bloglist, will enjoy reading your blog.

  3. hi chris...thanks for visiting my blog...u got a nice blog too.

    this cafe looks nice with the food served...but is far for me to come and taste it.

    btw, follow u in google connect and smile on ur g ads...enjoy...

  4. hi Vialentino ... thanks for coming over and followed me. Have added you on my blogroll and following you too.

  5. actually i read this in the office already.. but cannot comment cos my pc doesnt support this comment.. hv to wait till i come home.. eh.. macam sedap like my canteen..hahaa...... nice surrounding though..

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  7. ohlala! what a nice presentation of food! i wonder what's the taste of that soup but it really looks tasty and delicious! is it spicy? i love spicy meal/food. ^_^. The restaurant looks great! ^_^

  8. yeah...maxis ipo is exp a bit...but worth to invest...kekeke

  9. wah.. i never know any toll restaurant is yummy one wor.
    hahahha.. Pagoh.. always stop by there also.. but never eat, just buy some keropok only.. haha

  10. vialentino - you're an hardcore investor?

    Dolly - Stop by there next time, rather than climbing up the stairs to the hot foodcourts.

  11. I dont know why, i have this fear of taking foods form the highway cafes,especially those that are not so clean looking ones.. the most i did was to have a glass of kopi o.

    i agree with Via,, Maxis IPO is good to invest,,, go apply,,,,,

  12. eugene - yeah, me too. Thus, I go for something like this which is much cleaner.

  13. The product is nice, only you need to ensure your price at your menu and menu board are same. Because today after I paid at 19.11pm I found the price are different. When I talk to your cashier she said oh this is old price. So I think if you all know that is old price, why you still put on top of your counter and menu when we enter your outlets? You need to change this immediately.

    My bill no 001-275516