My first post here and a wonderful gift from US

Hello World! I finally setup a new blog on blogspot after been working on Wordpress (http://chrisau.wordpress.com) for almost 3 years. Well, I love Wordpress but guess it's enough of Wordpress for me and it's time to sign up for the adverts in blogspot, as well as experiencing a new platform.

Well, while I was unsure of what to blog on my first post (it seems difficult to start the first one ), I receive a wonderful gift from a piano musician from US. Her name is Kathryn Toyama, a beautiful and talented lady with a gift of creating beautiful, soothing, peaceful and healing piano melodies. The first time when I encountered Kathryn's music was last year, at a time when I was feeling quite stressful and I decided to search for some music on the net and God probably leads me to her site. I love her music the first time I listen to it online. It was so soothing and relaxing. Too bad I can't find her CDs in Singapore and a kind Kathryn decided to send one over to me, as a birthday gift last month.

Here's the cover of her latest album - Hope For Harmony.

It contains 18 beautiful melodies with one duet with Richard Alan on guitar. I think this is a nice album and a great way to start my blog!! (errr...still getting used to blogspot... )


  1. Hey, first to drop you a comment :)

    Keep up the good work and continue writing more and more posts in the future!!

  2. thanks Celine...you're the first one to drop a comment in this blog....not just the posting. :)

  3. BF - you are the first follower. Thanks! Btw, nothing much on the site yet but I will add in more stuffs...especially i can do scripting here.
    Jen - tou jie ... tou jie... come here often!

  4. wow that's a nice gift! ^_^
    by the way, you will still update the wordpress?

  5. Meryl - Not for now, thus please update my URL in your blog. yeah, it's really a wonderful gift. You can sample her music at the given link above.

  6. your template is pretty!

  7. First cut is the deepest, i reckon. By the way, i am happy to we can still continue to blog, to share our thoughts, to keep our sanity, to making us more human, to learn to be a better man, to learn to feel for others, to learn to halt before we shoot, to learn to understand we are all human after all.

  8. hihi, come to ur new house here! :)

  9. congrats, welcome to blogspot :)

  10. Argh... I love wordpress too, and I cannot work with blogspot, so see, rugi alot ads d. :( Neway, congrats on your new blog.

  11. eh..how come my comment is not here?? missing.. nowadays my comments seem to be missing..or is it due to my carelessness or absentmindedness.. i mentioned this blog is very special.. blisspeace.. very meaningful.. suits u.. hope u make it blossom to bliss and peaceful feeling!

  12. her music is so relaxing to the ears. nice.
    by the way, I added this site to my blogroll.

  13. dolly - thanks.

    Eugene - yeah bro...let's keep on updating each other in our everyday's lives, with different interests.

    kikey - thanks for coming! Hope you are well in Europe.

    jg - thanks. Anyway, Im unable to comment on your blog.

    cleffairy - well, after two posts, I find that Wordpress is much better than blogspot in terms of usage. Too bad, it don't allows Ads.

    reana - sis... i think you didn't successfully commented la.. Btw, yeap, thanks for helping me with naming of the blogsite.

    Meryl - It's indeed relaxing and soothing. You can purchase her cd at www.cdbaby.com

  14. just dropping by..and keep up the good work..
    just keep posting a interesting posts here..
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