Novel :Terminator Salvation - From The Ashes

 This is the current novel that I'm reading...... ok, I guess you got the surprise look now, especially to those who knows me well. I don't really read novels in all of my life, but out of the sudden, I have pick up the habit of reading lately . And, fyi, I have completed sci-fi novels like The Incredible Hulk, T2:John Connors Chronicles and Star Wars-Rise of Darth Vader, before taking on this one!

I'm actually not a fan of novels but somehow I have pick up this habit lately. And, I prefer the sci-fi genre and especially those that were novelised into a movie and vice-versa. This helps me to understand the story much better before I watched it, besides getting the tiny details in the novels.

Well, back to this novel.... it's actually a prequel to the movie, Terminator Salvation which was shown earlier. This is also the first time I read a novel written by Timothy Zahn, who has written a few books on Star Wars. The novel depicted the early days during post Judgement Day as shown in Terminator 3 wher John Connor and his band of 'resistance' fighters taking on the supercomputer, Skynet. I have so far read two chapters only and been glueing myself to the novel whenever I find the time. An overview of the entire novel can be found at terminator wiki.

It certainly helps me to pass time during my journey to work as  it took me nearly an hour to reach office. Now, I wish the bus or MRT will slow down as I was catching up with the chapters. And, I wonder when this interest will fade ....


  1. Reading is a very good hobby. Before I have known blogging, I used to read books and pocket books.. Now I seldom do hehehe..

    I am now following your blog.. Hope you drop by sometimes.

  2. each day 2 hours on the bus/mrt, sure can finish reading very fast one... too bad what u read is not my taste la.. :)

  3. That's a good past time/hobby...
    It can exercise the brain..

  4. chubskulit - thanks for visiting my site and I've added you to my blogroll. :)

    reanaclaire - yeah, u read those miles & boon stuffs...LOL

    Meryl - yeap, but the problem is when you feels tired after reading too much and you don't want to stop.

  5. wow you are also reading in MRT....you get addicted to it ^_^