Dinner with Claire and family ......

With cousin sis, Claire...
Well, Claire and family were around town this week and since they stayed quite near to my working place, I thought it's a good idea to give them a treat. :) It only took me 15 mins to reach the restaurant and they were already there shopping, since it's a mall too.

We went to a chinese restaurant and order a package meal. The place is neat and clean and nice ambiance too with good services.

It was not very crowded then as it's already around 8pm plus when we patronised the eatery. Here are the food we ordered -

Fragrant steam rice
Soup for each one of us - Watercrest Soup
Some vegetables cooked with egg... hehe...dunno what's the name ofthe vege..
Claypot honey chicken
It was great to meet them again since CNY and we really got a lot of catching up to do, not just with the mommy Claire but her kids too. Will see if I can meet them again before they leave Singapore for home.
Group Pix...


  1. That pork dish looks delicious, glad you had a great meal!

  2. You geng lah bro, I met with Claire like 3 times,never had the chance to be with her whole family,,,,,, heard you guys were cousins kan?

  3. Looks like a nice gathering! The food looks great too~

  4. wonderful meet-up..yummy food there..

  5. Mike - thanks and merry Xmas to you!

  6. Sharon - haha...we are nearby , easier to arrange :)

  7. Eugene - yup! I'm sure you meet Claire's family someday in Penang. :)

  8. Hayley - haha..yeah, it was nice. Hope we can meet someday too :)