Yong Peng Foochow food...

The main street of Yong Peng at night...
While on the way back from KL last Tuesday, we stopped by Yong Peng again for dinner. Well, no doubt we went for their famous foochow food which is like a magnet that attracts folks who pass by the NS highway to drove in to this peaceful town. Besides foochow food, Yong Peng is also well known for their fish ball noodles and a biscuit confectionary shophouse which was once advertised in a Singapore TV program.

One of the nicer ones are Hock Swee Hin restaurant, located at almost the end of the main road and at the corner leading to the NS highway to south Yong Peng's exit point.
This shop seems to be around for very long and quite crowded
A view of the eatery while my little princess kept herself busy
 We had a simple meal with a few dishes and rice where we usually ordered these -
'foochow soup'
I don't know how to identify this soup except that we always mentioned  foochow soup and the lady boss knew what we want. It's best to add some vinegar to it before sipping the soup.

A vegetable to go with...

'Red Wine Chicken'
This is another one of our favourites where the chicken meats are cooked in some red gravy with wine. I love this dish and it always whet up my appetite.

Till I travel up north again next time for another meal of Yong Peng's foochow food. :)


  1. Aiyah make me hungry now hahaha I've never tried foochow food before but I really wanna try the chicken! Looks delicious!

  2. Very very nice, right? Can get stuff like that in Sibu, Foochow town! Cheap some more...

  3. Good to see some Foochow food here. I start to miss home already

  4. u like red wine chicken. good. can get urself pregnant and deliver another child. then u can go thru confinement all over again :P

  5. Charmaine - hehehe..... Go to KFC for a fix first. I'm sure you can find some foochow food around town.

  6. Mike - very authentic oriental stuffs!

  7. sTP - im sure you miss it after been away from Sibu for a short while.

  8. bF - xmas is around the corner while CNY is near. I'm sure you will be home in a matter of time.

  9. merryn - it seems more applicable to you. When going to give Ethan a little bro? Hehehe...

  10. Wahh very nice. Merry Christmas to you and the family