Hokkien Pastry from Yong Peng....

On a lighter note, I know Yong Peng did produce a lot of pastries and bicsuits but I didn't know they also famous for 'heong peh'. Well, I really don't know which term to use to describe this pastry, whether its kompia, don't know what 'sou' in canto, pia as my Indonesians colleagues called it and etc. They sold it at one of the express bus rest stops near the NS highway.

One of the stalls there
The good thing is they baked the pastry there and it's fresh from the oven. I sample all their three flavours, lotus, yam and 'tau sar' and they were really good. Anyway, its still fresh and hot. Besides that, they also sold siew pow and pineapple tarts.

I bought all the three flavours and even after a few days, the pastries were still nice, though not as crunchy as before when it was fresh from oven. OK, now I got more options to buy 'heong peh' , besides Ipoh and Penang.


  1. looks nice, havent tried yet though

  2. Never try before, sounds delicious! : )

  3. Oh? I though Yong Peng's a Foochow town like Sibu - got kompia there...

  4. Is this at the place where the coaches stop for rest?

  5. Post the pic of the the pastry...only can see the shop.

  6. LOL...nice...good to have more option. Is it very sweet or not?

  7. it's heong baeng in cantonese rite? no 'sou' hahas. perak always has nice good ones!

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  8. It must be delicious...would like to tried it

  9. Isaac - very nice when fresh!

    Foongpc - go try it, when u travel to Jb. Stop at yong Peng.

    sTp - it's indeed a foo how town

    Sharon - yeap, but the other one. Not that popular air cond stop.

    Yee ling - in my stomach :p

  10. Kuching - got three flavors!

    Fish - I love gunung rapat heong pehs

    Alv0808 - should try!