oohh... I want pasta ....

I always think that pastas goes well with English tea, especially Earl Grey tea. And, that was what I always ordered whenever I had pasta, instead of a freshly brew coffee.

Beef bolognaise
I was at Breeks and have a craving for Italian food. Since I got back from the Italian cruise, I always craved for pizzas or pastas, it's probably due to the effect of having 5 days of Italian delicacies for 7 meal a day.... LOL

The pasta at Breeks are not too bad though I expect it to be better since they specialised in western food. Anyway, that's another dinner. ::)


  1. Huh? Didn't know pasta goes well with english tea hahahaha, i'll always opt for aglio olio, don't like the usual bolognese :x

  2. Wahhhhh!!!! The pasta drowned by the sauce. I wouldn't mind a little less sauce...or a bit more pasta.

  3. Breeks, never dine there before!

  4. me not ngum pasta but J would love this

  5. You can try cooking pasta at home... easy to make! :)