'Malaysia Boleh' in Singapore .....

It seems like Malaysian food stalls are getting popular in Singapore. There was one food court selling Malaysian hawkers' food in Resort World Sentosa (RWS) with nice and nostalgic decors. However, recently, I found out there was another food court in Jurong Point which was called 'Malaysia Boleh'. It was not as big as RWS since JP is a shopping mall  but then, I found that the food there were cheaper, tastier and also had the same type of nostalgic decor.

The entire 'big shop' housed a lot of stalls selling a variety of Malaysian delicacies, mainly Penang food.
Looking out to the shopping mall from the food court

'Ngoh Hiang' or 'Lobak-lobak' ... most importantly is the century egg!

Very old school decor but love the environment. From right is Ipoh Chicken kway Teow and Ipoh Curry Chicken Mee on the left. 

Penang food - the char kway teow seems always long queue!

'Klang' Bak Kut Teh

I order the Chicken curry mee ... it tasted good!

Penang Road famous Cendol,,at $2 per bowl.

Here is it .... yummy and refreshing !

They also sell 'Apom' here but it's a bit different from those of Ipoh.

The Apom was just slice open like that unlike those thin ones in Ipoh. I guess this is more like 'tai kau min' (cantonese) with the peanuts and fine sugar on it. Anyway, it's crispy and delicious! 

My little girl and her bro (cut off) enjoying the apom.
The food court always seems crowded at any time! We were there at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and it wad difficult to find a table and seats. They really have good business there!


  1. hmmm... the curry mee does not seem like curry mee while the cendol does not seem like the cendol here....

  2. Ken - to me, looks more like ipoh style ! Lol

  3. Got Sibu Kampua? Sarawak laksa? Don't have kah? Like that tak boleh liao lor....

    Actually, many things in Penang, they also have all over in Singapore what...more or less the same, but I hear food in Singapore's all cooked by China nationals these days...not nice anymore so not worth going if only for the food plus so expensive after conversion.

    1. STP - seems to be malaysian cooks, from their mandarin slang and cantonese speaking.

  4. Malaysia and Singapore so near to each other. Food also almost the same.

    But i still think our food taste nicer. My Singapore cousins always come back to Kuching to eat Sarawak Laksa, kolok mee, midin etc. Haha.

  5. I've dined at the one in RWS. Not bad la.

  6. Malaysian food getting popular in Singapore? Not surprising lah since Singapore food mostly are not as tasty and yummy as Malaysian food! Right? :D

  7. I think malaysian cooks have migrated to singapore... Hahaha. ...

  8. yes, malaysian have migrated there as chef..

  9. Rose - yes, totally agreed with you.

  10. Merryn - This one better than RWS.

  11. FoongPC - But then also depends on the tastebud. There may be certain food in Malaysia they don't like the way it's being cooked.

  12. Wenn - That area have one of the most Malaysians there. LOL

  13. Cquek - Yes, let's share all the great makan places around.

  14. I do have one question, though.

    Is it as authentic as the ones that can be found in Malaysia? =)

  15. Curry mee duzzin look like what I'm familar with.