it's time for legoland again....

It's glad to be back at Legoland after three months since we have been here! There were a few new additions like the Death Star at miniland, a  Ribena berry lego, the Chima lego (and the walking Chima where you can catch it for a pix) and the almost finished Legoland Hotel! It's great to be back with my kid here to wind down for a few hours with some rides and de-stress! And, the good thing was while we were here, there was hardly a crowd due to the non-peak season. We didn't even have to queue for rides and some of the rides were not even filled up!

The Legoland hotel almost completed!

The cute Ribena berry

I'm totally impressed with the Death Star.... my favourite art piece here!

The Death Star at miniland - new addition! 

My kid enjoying his up-down ride while I hate this one.... it's so scary being push up and down in quick speed ! hahaha..

Posing with the Lego Chima.... my kid's favourite!


  1. wow, nice! I want to visit it again! Must stay in the new hotel too.

  2. I love amusement park but we have never been to Legoland. We are too old now.


  3. Wahhhh!!!! I go Johore, you take me there, can?

  4. Never been to Legoland yet la!!

  5. Wow, the people behind Legoland is definitely adding more twist to it. Just like the Ribena guy. =D

    Too bad I'm way past the age to enjoy my time there. =/

  6. Hi.. First time dropping by here.. :)
    Haven't been to Legoland yet. Just planned to go to Desaru this weekend, maybe can make a detour to Legoland too. Hope there won't be too many people this weekend. Would be fun!

  7. wenn - come next year for the hotel! It should be ready by then.

  8. Hayley - haha..come! But a bit far for you.

  9. Waverly - It's never too old to go. Yeah, they are adding stuffs to the park gradually.

  10. Bella - I love the Desaru beaches... clean and beautiful!