Gunung Lambak, Kluang

After we left Zenxin and fetch my sis-in-law, we decided to visit the park at the foot of Gunung Lambak. This mountain was very popular in Kluang and even Singaporeans where lots of folks came over here to hike.
The guide leading to the peak as well as a nearby peak and alternative routes
I heard from most of the folks who have been here and it's not really that tough to hike but then, let's not overestimate it. I never really hike much today as it was late but manage to go around at the foot of the mountain. Anyway, I plan to hike up to the peak soon.

A hanging bridge

At the beginning of the trail, there was a cement path as a 'warm up'. However, the path will be replaced by natural  terrain after a short while.

A tiny waterfall here... 

Strange looking branch ...

Shelter for folks to rest... 

Here's the short hanging bridge again 
I guess I will be hiking up this mountain soon. I heard that it took around 1 hour to reach the peak.


  1. Wahhhhh!!!! Claire went cave exploring, you went mountain climbing.... So exciting, your lives.

    I just went on a relaxing weekend at my daughter's jungle school...but my blogpost on it is scheduled for next week - too many things to blog about.

  2. STP - not yet, as at the foot of the mountain. :)

  3. Safe or not this mountain hike.. looks very quiet..

  4. reana - Quite a crowd, especially weekends!

  5. Wahh...this is quite fun.

    I like the peace and serenity!

  6. Yee Ling - Hike up to the peak of the mountain more fun! :)

  7. 1 hour to the peak sounds like fun! :)

    We shall look out for this gunung too, it sounds quite interesting.