Organic durians...

Since my kids wanted to cycle at Zenxin Organic Park, where I had some vouchers, I decided to go Kluang again last Saturday. I have been to Kluang very frequently lately as I needed to fetch my sis-in-law, who's staying temporarily there. It was a good 50 mins drive though it rained heavily in some parts of the road.

Once I reached there, I saw the below and immediately my curiosity reached sky high. I really wonder how the organic version tasted, as well as the durians doesn't seems expensive.

When I tried the durian, it's good. I love the sweet and bitter taste in its pungent flesh! At Rm5 per kilo, I think it's not expensive as the one I bought was quite big. My wife and I can't even finished it! Anyway, I still wondering what's so 'organic' in it.... no pesticides ? LOL

 Meanwhile, my kids were cycling in the scorching sun in the afternoon and I was sweating profusely! They too, definitely were sweating and I decided to cut short the activity after they cycled for a while.

having fun.... 

Maybe it's time to introduce him two wheels .... 

My little princess can't really cycle the full swing but manage to move around

Having problems with the slope and needed my wifey's help...
We were off to Kluang town after that.


  1. Definitely time to let HengHeng cycle on 2 wheels. THe extra wheels making it hard to go around the sandy trail.

  2. Merryn - Yeah, it's time but afraid he will fell down. :P

  3. Our "natural" durians, growing wild in the jungle since time immemorial - all organic! Coming out in the market now, lots... Bountiful harvest this year!

  4. STP - it's really bountiful , everywhere got durians! yums!

  5. Wow, organic durians! Something unusual and unique for me LOL, never heard of this in Penang before

  6. Ken - It's also a first for me. :)