Pirates at Mid-Valley Megamall......

OK, I was in KL again since I last visited back in Christmas. Well, no grand plans but thought of bringing the kids around since it's school holidays and as my wifey wanted to visited her siblings, we decided on KL. Our first stop was at Mid-Valley Megamall. And, I'm sure the city folks agreed with me the biggest attractions in Mid-Valley now are the Pirates of the Carribeans exhibitions.

In fact I was shocked that they spent so much to promote this movie. It's been a while since I last saw a major endorsement for a movie. Check out the pictures, though this event is considered a bit outdated, as it has started 2 weeks ago.

My kid love that gun...
nice.... too bad cannot touch it!

aww...poor dude!

The biggest attraction there - the ship
Another view - at the middle

The front..
I found some treasures here ....rich!!!

All mine.... :P

That creepy ship again.... can't stop snapping at it...
Snap from a floor up...
treasures and skeletons....love them!
and that's my kid and myself having fun there!
We were just going around that big mall and besides makan-ing, we didn't really shop a lot of stuffs except for a kiddy DVD for my baby daughter, snacks and a pair of shoes each for my two kids. Looks quite cute, check it out -

Dora- my baby daughter's favourite!!
and spongebob squarepants for my son...
It was BB Ho steamboat in Puchong later..... :)


  1. In KL? Oooooo...so nice!!! Not going back to Ipoh?

  2. Wah..I love that pirate things..is Jack Sparrow there? hehhe...I watched the movie At Stranger Tide but I'm a bit dissapointed with the story hehehe...

  3. The decorations are so cool~ How I wish I am in MV now.. haha.

  4. Filip - Yeap, indeed it's cool!!

  5. suituapui - nope, next trip maybe.

  6. wenn - yeap, really cool! I spend the most time there snapping.

  7. Alv0808 - nope, no Jack Sparrow but I hope to meet Penelope Cruz...hehehe

  8. Hayley - it's just 3 hours drive to kl, weekend retreat ?

  9. A real family man! Cannot really imagine u now fully grown up man... papa somemore.. time really flies hor.. sooner or later, we become the Grand.. mama, papa.. hahha..

  10. Chris, go AWet Thai opposite BB Ho Steamboat also la. Nice food. Check out their pork dishes and steam fish

  11. The exhibits are really very nice right? A plus factor being in Kay El is being able to enjoy all this :D

  12. reanaclaire - big boy already mah. so, u can bring me out to play now.

  13. Smallkucing - might be going tonight!

  14. Merryn - Yeah, KL really ah.... so many all these big big promo... but i like it!

  15. i was in kl last fri for a day and wanted to go to mid valley but couldnt find a parking lot after rounding for more than 1/2 hour. sigh.