Breakfast at Yew's Cafe

Yew's Cafe - Taman Molek Branch

It's really been a long while since I ate in Yew's Cafe in JB. Seeing that my wifey and I are finally alone again, as my kids are in the nursery and kindergarten this morning, I decided to bring her to 'pak tor' (dating) and had breakfast at classy Yew's Cafe. Love the freedom!!! :)

I kinda miss the breakfast there as we used to ate there regularly years ago. Anyway, they seems changed their menu but still, I end up with my favourite healthy breakfast set of scramble eggs, sausages, ham, toasts, red beans.

My favourite breakfast set ... will give me full energy for the day!
Of course....the day will never start without a cup of thick kopi!

After my breakfast, I decided to shop for a component video cable to connect my DVD player to my new 42" LCD TV where I finally got rid of my old CRT 29" TV. I decided to spend a bit to try out the component video cables instead of the usual A/V or RCA cables for better quality. :) 

Here's the the website of Yew's Cafe. Have a good weekend !


  1. Happy ah! Now can buy Blue Ray dy... :D

  2. Wah...Chinese name cafe serving western fare. Interesting. The scrambled eggs fail lah - look like a badly messed up omelette. I love them creamy and gooey...

  3. Merryn - glued to the tv....:)

  4. STP - thought all omelette looks like that..hahha..you must bring me to those better ones.