Starocks Cafe and Grill, Sutera Mall, JB

Well, if you asked me is this Father's Day dinner, it's yes and no. Yes, because it's the eve of Father's Day while no because I find that it's too commercialize.  Thus, I don't really take this as Father's Day celebration..hahaha... However, will give a gift to my Dad back to Ipoh.

It was a long day in Sutera Mall last Saturday and seeing my family and I were tired, we decided to dine in the mall, at Starocks Cafe. Well, this is my first time here and I must said the environment is nice but it's really crowded on a Saturday night.

I ordered a Salmon Steak, which looks ordinary but tasted good!I like it!!
My dinner - Salmon steak with fries

My wifey seems to choose a more delicious one than me , she had the grilled dory fish. How I wish I had that but my throat not that well and I don't want to get a throat infection again.
the dory fish....half-way cooked

ok...cooked but a bit messy... but it's yummy...sizzling hot!
Here's how's the place looks like.... more like a place to chill out with a beer, right?
the entrance
the inside of the cafe
OK, quite a pleasant place to dine in.... will go there again!


  1. I likey fish! Gimme fish anytime and I'll NEVER say NO! :D Happy Daddy's Day to you Chris!

  2. The dory fish looks really nice, though it looks quite messy, hehe :)

  3. so when coming back to give gift? your papa will be waiting! :)

  4. they cooked the dory in front of you?

  5. Merryn - I love fish too but not too cooked cold ones...eeekkk! Sushi and Sashimi are ok with me though...

  6. STP - u say leh? fish definitely healthy mah

  7. Hayley - yeah...a bit difficult to turn the soft meat around...

  8. reanaclaire - no need to come back...just send $$$ over.

  9. Caroline - when u coming here?

  10. lena - we cooked ourselves. It's on a hot stone which can cooked anything including your fingers..hahaha