Desaru Beach

One of the best places and attractions to hang around nearby JB city area is the Desaru Beach. It's just an hour plus drive from JB city on a straight long road to Ulu Tiram district and later go further up to Kota Tinggi town. It will likely take around 30-40mins to reach the junction of Kota Tinggi, depending on your location in JB. From the Kota Tinggi traffic lights junction, you turn left into another easy-to-drive straight road , which will leads to another junction to Desaru Beach after 20-30 minutes drive. Turn left once you reached Petronas and it will took you 10 mins to reach the beach. If you drove further on instead of turning to Desaru Beach, you will pass by another beautiful resort, Sebana Cove Golf and Marina Resort. Further down to the end of road will be the Sungai Renggit town which boast great seafood. Check out the map below and click to enlarge.

I had been to Desaru numerous times and have visited most of the places there - the beach, the fruit farm, Sg Renggit town, the resorts along Desaru Beach and  Sebana Cove Resort. I will probably visit the Crocodile farm and Ostrich farm sometime later.

I was there again over the long weekend and was at the Desaru Pulai Hotel. Check out the pics below -

The Pulai Desaru hotel as look from the inside, near the swimming pool and on the way to the seaside.

 The beautiful beach facing the South China Sea.
I love the golden sand. :)
A good place for a beer while enjoying the relaxing sight of the blue sea.

 Another pix of the hotel from the beach. The room rates is around RM240+ per night with breakfast for two persons. Check out the rates at their website here.

One of the corners of the resort's lobby. I love the atmosphere there now,as they have decor the place for the World Cup. Imagine having a coffee or beer there watching a World Cup match at night with some buddies or maybe ang moh babes....hahaha..

Last but not least, here's my little princess, my adorable prince and my lovely wifey. Where am I? I'm the cameraman la... :)


  1. hey..dint snap the food?? did u all eat there or not.. btw, we coming end of year, got place for me to stay in singapore? can sacrifice your room for us? :) pay u lar..

  2. reanaclaire - can la...you can check with your sis on the room condition ..hahaha.. Nope, didn't eat any 'special' food this time round.

  3. i hvn't been there. will need to plan a trip down south one day.

  4. wenn - yeah, it's quite near to Sg and JB. From SG, there's a ferry service....even nearer!

  5. MUST visit ostrich farm. MUST ride on the ostrich. MUST hold the ostrich's neck.. GELI! lol..

  6. I never been there before, the place looks so serene with very few tourists. Love your boy cheecky smile, sweet!

    Please enjoy your weekend!

  7. ohhhh i miss Desaru Beach, we used to go when i was like your kids hahaha and the last time i went was abt 5 yrs ago...nice eh...

  8. Merryn - eeekk... dun want

    Alice - yes, it's indeed a relaxing place. I was surprise not many tourist on the long weekend. Anyway, there's also not much changes there with the exception of a newly re-open hotel - Desaru Legend resort

    manglish - It's still the same... haha.. but i like the relaxing and peaceful environment there. It's fun driving all along the kampung trunk road to the place.

  9. Got friend went there and she enjoyed the place very much :D

    Happy Weekend to you

  10. Have never been to Desaru Beach - would love to visit there one day! : )

  11. Foongpc-yeap,visit if you are in Jb

  12. Hi Chris, Wow! Desaru! You certainly brought back memories to me.
    I used to go there as well to Pengarang for seafood back in the '80s.
    As well to exercise my car on the long, deserted roads of those days.
    There was a huge Boxite mine there then.
    Then doing some sea fishing.
    I love your well taken pics and you sure have a beautiful family there.

    Chris, next holidays, you take a drive to Kuantan from that Coast road.
    I used to do that, and all the way to Kota Baru, then across the East West H'way to Penang. Of course my time the traffic not like today.
    You have fun, and keep well, best regards, Lee.

  13. KUcing-yeah, a good place for a short vacation and getaway!

  14. Uncle lee-good idea,will bring my car and family and drive all up to Kuantan. Glad this post brought back good memories to u. Have a good weekend!

  15. cleffairy - not Penang la... Johor!

  16. hey... i've never been to Desaru before... worth going there? is the food good? where's the best resort to stay? =)