Affirmations for Monday Blues

When I was younger, I used to buy and read a lot of self improvement books and one of them is a book on affirmations. According to wikipedia, Affirmation is a declaration that something is true.  Some self help books authors like the late Norman Vincent Peale suggests affirming biblical verses like Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." daily to overcome fear.

Affirmations can be used for all occasions and I thought it might help to overcome Monday blues too. I guess maybe we can repeat statements to ourselves like :-

- I am doing well and getting better in my work/project daily
- I derived satisfaction from my work and I enjoy my tasks/projects
- I will improved and become a better engineer/doctor/accountant/manager ..etc as times goes by.
- I love work, it makes me alive
- etc.

And if we are facing some pressing issues in work which could likely demotivate us on a Monday morning, we can repeat verses like -

- I will be able to solve/rectify this issue this week, I can do it and everything will return back to normal
- Everything will be allright with the project and unlike last week, I can see good results this week
- There's always a solutions to everything and I will look forward to a great weekend ahead, when all problems are solved

I guess it will be a great way to start a monday morning with a good night sleep, a refreshing cup of good coffee and  positive affirmations on work before starting our new work week. Then, go through our to do list and enjoy the challenge!


  1. Very refreshing quote indeed.. keep it up!

  2. May you have a nice week ahead too

  3. yes true...but sometimes just going thru the motions is good too. without too much thoughts....wishing u a fabulous week ahead..:)

  4. Had trouble getting back into routine today.. thanx for ur quote :D

  5. wah...nice quote and nice coffee too...i am back from bali liow.

  6. Me= Freelance, not affected by Monday Blues. LOL...

  7. reanaclaire - i thought this will helps... and it did indeed reduce some of my blues...

    smallkucing , somewhere.. - :)

    manglish - yeah, it depends if you really need some motivations else go just thru life as usual

    Merryn - Glad it helps u a bit

    vialentino - guess u r fresh after returning from a great vacation. Have a great week ahead!

    cleffairy - lucky u!! :)

  8. Hi Chris, good for you, nothing like improving oneself....
    Aim for the stars.....Lee.

  9. Uncle Lee - well, just trying to self motivate to go thru the daily challenges in work..haha

  10. yeah...fresh from a trip but now tired liow after 1 week back into office...

  11. Yes, I believe in positive affirmations! : )

  12. Thank you for providing such valuable information.