I attended a briefing last week by some company eager to clinch some business deals. Almost the whole upper management of the company attended including their CEO. After the presentation, some of the attendees noticed something not quite right with the presentation and later the company realised they make some very 'amateurish' mistakes...something that an account manager or project manager shouldn't be making, especially since it is related to a business deal.

Recently, I read  news that Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs have to endure some embarrassing moments when wifi connectivity is unavailable due to overloading during his important iPhone 4 demo in Apple's premises. This event is to be witnessed worldwide as online videos were immediately uploaded everywhere on the internet after that. He has to cut short his presentation.

If these 'big shots' can make mistake which can be of grave concerns, how about the rest of us? Mistakes always happens and it will happened to anyone now or future, be it a 'small fry' or a 'big shot'. Thus, I feel that  if you made a mistake whether in work or home, do not feel too bad about it as you're only human and not perfect. Moreover, some mistakes could be due to an overloaded schedule in work or stress.

Tell yourself that it's ok to make mistakes though do try your best not to commit one,  if possible. Furthermore, classical stories like Edison , the great inventor, make almost 1000 mistakes before he's successfully invented a lightbulb.

The Lord's prayer ...... Forgive us our debts,As we also have forgiven our debtors.....Matthew 6:9-13


  1. by making mistake is how we learn.

  2. it is funny tat some ppl dont tolerate mistakes very well like they never make one..i loathe these ppl hahaha...

  3. I always tell my sons that it is ok to make mistake but making the same mistakes the second time onwards is no good already,,,,

    hey bro, take care now ya and have a great week ahead

  4. smallkucing - Yes, very correct!

    manglish - It's the mentality that we are taught mistakes are bad and we are not allowed to make it. Perhaps they don't see the good points of learning thru our mistakes.

    eugene - bro , agreed with u but i guess it's ok if they repeated the mistakes again though not encourageable. Just remind them.

  5. I make mistakes all the time. But...I never make the same mistake twice.

  6. By mistakes we know how to improve and grow..

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  8. Hi Chris, ha ha, you're right....we are only human, and mistakes do happen.
    I have my working days made several....
    as well a few very red face embarrassing ones too....
    I was involved in a big project and had to give a presentation re the turnkey project and its current status, and VIPS present too, include Royalty.

    And later the Sultan chatted with me and I addressed him as 'Tengku' instead of Tuanku'. Holy Smoke...
    Fortunately I realized my mistake and apologized. Thank goodness he had a sense of humour.

    As well once giving a talk at a business conference, about 50 big shots present, I quoted a wrong figure....my secretary's typo, but my fault for not checking....
    But very often will crack a joke over my mistakes, it helps.
    This one I apologized, "gentlemen, I'm sorry for the wrong figure, but was always better with figures that wears sarongs"...ha ha ha.

    Yes, I too made my mistakes, but always break a joke over it. It helps.
    Best regards, Lee.

  9. clef - Well done!

    Uncle Lee- Thank you so much for your sharing! Yeah, I will also learn to follow up with a joke next time if I fumbled during presentations. Have a good weekend!

  10. It's ok to make mistake as long as we learn from it. DOn't keep on repeating the same mistake otherwise it's time to send you back to SHCOOL :D