Chaw Yuan Restaurant, JB

It's been a while since I updated my blog. It's really been busy lately with a lot of pending work in office as well as I slowly crawling back to my usual routines after the long holidays. Well, I also gradually go back to my makan ways and during the last weekend and I'm back at Chaw Yuan restaurant, located at Nusa Bestari in JB.

Perhaps this place offers one of the better dim sum in town, at least to me and it's my favourite place to go for 'yum char'. Their dim sum starts from 11am till 5pm daily while they also served cooked food for lunch and dinner.

Ok, here are the dim sum that I had with my family and in laws over the weekend. Check it out -
Sesame seed balls or 'chin dooi'. My kids loves it and these are crispy!
Carrot cake... yummy!!

My favourite porridge - Century egg porridge. I usually had a bowl of it. Not a big bowl, though, just nice!!
Another one of my favourite dim sum - BBQ pork bun. I even 'tah pau' (take away) 15 buns!
Hk Chee Cheong Fun .... a must for dim sum. Serving small enough to savour the smooth and wide noodle.
It's been awhile since I had 'paper fried chicken'. Anyway, I still preferred those that I found in Ipoh.
Shanghai 'Xiao Long Bao' - It's quite rare to see this dim sum sold in a HK type dim sum restaurant.
All time favourites - 'siew mai' and below 'har gau'! I never failed to order these two delicacies every I time I go 'yum char', as well as most of the folks!
Below is a view of the restaurant. Well, I really had a lot of dim sum last saturday. :)
Chaw Yuan is located at 1, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, JB.


  1. wow...the Char Siew pau looks very nice leh. I love this type. Like "pecah" on the top. usually taste very good

  2. yeah.. i love the pau too.. the pecah type too.. salivate.. n it's after midnite dy... aiyo.. how to sleep like dis???

  3. OMG... carrot cake... I love this! Love it! I want it... now how and where to cari? late liao!

  4. ta pau 15 biji ar...ok i must go and try :)

  5. hi bro...nice dim sum ler...sorry that i din comment cause each time i comment and post it, sure will open many IE boxes...sorry yea...hope this time wont happen again.

  6. smallkucing, Merryn - yeap, the char siew pau is indeed very nice...that's why I tah pau!! This is the only dim sum rest i go in jb..

    cleffairy - go to crystal jade in pavillion..haha

    manglish - come back la... bring u there

    vialentino - it's ok bro. will contd to visit your blog. btw, u managed to comment now.

  7. tomorrow i go dim sum!!! i dont care!