Monday bluess...

 Sunday nights are always dreadful, it's the end of the weekend and you gotta hit the bed early to get ready for a new week, a new working week. And for folks like me who commute between JB and S'pore, it's even more terrible as I gotta braved the jam at the causeway with hundreds of folks. Anyway, though majority of us doesn't love mondays, I remember once I was out of job for four months.

That period was even more dreadful! Every day is the same, be it a sunday or wednesday. And the thought of having your savings depleted day-by-day doesn't help either while you needed to save as much as you can. This means, you can't indulge yourself with an expensive meal or buying something you like. You wake up waiting for phone calls on interviews and that always sounds like a long wait. You felt depressed, irritable and you have a foul mood. Mostly folks who are out of jobs stay up late and woke up late,and sometimes feels useless.

Here's something I would like to share based on my short 4 months' experiences in the doldrums:-

- Get a temporarily job or part time job while waiting for your main job. At least, you still earned some income and keep yourself busy. You might found better opportunities which you'll never know! I knew a friend who switched to properties and earning big bucks now!This is a booming time for property agents!

- This is a good time to take a break, thus, if you can afford it, go for a holiday! Imagine you can be away for as long as you can, but of course make sure you have enough to cover yourself.

- This is a good time to improve yourself. Do some self- study or enrolled in courses, if you can afford it. Take certification exams, you got lots of time to study.

- Stay positive. Wake up early, workout, eat well. Make some plans.

Back to the working class, mondays are not really that bad as it seems, at least you have a job. Well, that's what I always remind myself when I packed for S'pore for another work week. At least, I still have an income and besides providing for my family, I can too, enjoyed good food and buy stuffs that I loved.

Monday blues ain't that bad after all... have a good week folks! :)


  1. wah.. very positive thinking now, bro.. good, i love the way u write now!

  2. smallkucing - just sharing. hope it inspire folks who are down :)

    reanaclaire - Im trying to turn my negative to positive...Faith over fear!

  3. I love every day of the week :D Paling tak suka month end when everybody dapat salary, I get nothing! :P

  4. LOL... I don't get Monday Blues...cuz I'm a freelance. Own boss, working from home... ahhh... life can be good sometimes. :P

  5. true oso...not working is bad. i prefer to work but dun want to be the very stressful type lar...cleffairy's life is a dream comes true hahhaha

  6. Merryn - it's ok, cos u have people to take care of ya. :)

    cleffairy - wow.... so envy!

    manglish - yeah, me too. no stress pls!