Breakfast & lunch last friday

Well, had a good (and consider expensive) breakfast and lunch last friday to celebrate the coming of the weekend at two of Singapore's popular makan haunts. :)

Here's BREAKFAST - Half boiled eggs with coffee at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. A healthy or maybe not so healthy (depending on your point of view) meal to start the day.  Anyway, Ya Kun's coffee is one of the best in Singapore, having almost an outlet in every town here.

Together with 4 pieces of kaya toasts, this breakfast set cost S$4.20.

LUNCH - Sirloin Steak from Aston Express, a humble but nice looking western food stall at a typical HDB foodcourt in Bedok. The steak comes with two side dish which we picked from a variety of dishes. I had mashes potato and coleslaw (sounds very KFC, right?)

The steak, which marinated with mushroom sauce, is juicy and delicious! Cost - S$10.90 with the two side dishes.


  1. wah... very cheap la.. 4 pieces of bread, eggs and coffee only 4$? wah.. orang kaya! the eggs look beautiful..

  2. hahahhhah....i agree with claire but wat to do tat is singapore lor hor...

  3. reanaclaire, manglish - yeah lor, it's not cheap. But this is quite a famous outlet and have their own outlets. So, they charge more lor.

    smallkucing - go...eat!

    ya - thanks for coming...err...btw, i can't mandarin. can translate? :)

  4. Hi Chris, I guess you live to eat, ha ha. I eat to live.
    Long time ago used to have my breakfast at North Bridge road, or Beach road....nights at Bencoolen street, or Bugis street.
    And midnight the shrimp porridge at Shangrila Hotel. Sometimes lunch at Mandarin's Chatter box, their kai fun is out of this World! Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  5. OMG the steak! Looks so yummy! The eggs as well... OMG OMG! Hungry jorrrr!

  6. Uncle Lee - wow...i think you live to eat. I didn't really check out the nice food in Spore.

    cleffairy - I know u love it!

    chubskulit - My pinoy colleagues always asked me to go there for the steak.