Tea Break@Lavender, Permas Jaya

Well, my family and I were busy shopping for Chinese New Year stuffs last saturday afternoon in Jusco, Permas Jaya and thought it's a good idea to refresh ourselves for a tea break in Lavender. After all, we really like Lavender as the place is pleasant to dine in, regardless if it's breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. I like the ambience and environment over  there while the management never failed to come out with simple but creative decor for festive seasons.

 I planned to cut down my coffee intake to 2 cups per day, and since I've met my quota for the day, I decided to have hot lemon tea. (well...still got caffeine..LOL) I don't really like hot lemon tea all the while but thought of having it for no reasons.

Compare to the icy version, the hot one was much sour and squeezing the lemon juice doesn't help either. :) Anyway, I feel refreshed after having a cup of it, probably due to the sour taste and a little bit of caffeine in the beverage.

My favourite tea bite in Lavender - Thin crispy kaya toast. The kaya spread were of the pandan type, which makes the toast tastier. I feel hungry now while blogging this post. :)


  1. Oh...I feel hungry too just reading this.lol
    Love the hot tea though.
    Have you a great week.

  2. i love original Ice lemon tea and hot tea with lemon.

    Just too bad not many shop offer fresh tea with lemon. Most are from packets or powder :(

  3. Hmm, I'm having my hot tea while reading this post. Can I have a piece of kaya toast please? :)

  4. hahahhahaha....must ask u out go try next time i come back.....missing out on so many things in JB

  5. shakira - same to you too, have a good week!

    smallkucing - Yeah, most of them uses tea bags. It's convenient for them.

    Asian Traveler - haha..come to JB and have your fix!

    manglish - let me know when u r home lor.

  6. Oh yes I love Lavender. Anything lavender. :) So in love with lavender :P

  7. ...what is lavender i also dont know.. merry is in love with the flower itself not the taste of the tea la..
    eh, how come u like roti a lot? i see yr post always has roti bakar one...

  8. Merryn - err..ok, but I talking about Lavender Bistro here..hahaha. Btw, there's one in Pavillion but they sell roti only.

    reanaclaire - come to JB and i bring u there la. I love roti mah...dats why Im gaining weight each time u see me.

  9. My favorite shopping mall in JB,is none other than Jusco Permas Jaya, will be there again come this CNY.... hope to see you in JB .

  10. bought new clothes for cny edi?

  11. eugene - alamak...i will be back home in Ipoh already then. How long will u be in JB?

    jen - Bought three shirts and one bermuda shorts. Maybe buy one more...LOL. My family also all bought la.

  12. I love Lavender no matter what.. so bistro kah.. tea kan.. watever kah.. still loving it :D my wedding portrait oso taken with lavender theme leh.. :D