Peace of mind....

One of my intentions in starting this blog is to create a relaxing little corner in the cyberspace and suddenly it dawns on me to write something on peace of mind. Afterall, I want to make my blog a 'feel good' web log.

I love to read self-improvement books and have talk to lots of folks including psychologically trained, folks from higher management to blue-collar folks, religious folks of all kinds of faith, other nationalities and etc. So, here goes- my opinions on how to have peace of mind.....

1. Sleep well
- That's the number one stress buster! Sleep well and you feel refresh and feel good the next day which increase your productivity or enhance your creativy in whatever you do, whether work, play or sports. Deprieve your sleep and you waste another day that God has made for us. You will likely wanted to get home quick and hit the slumber after dinner, when you have lack of sleep. The day is simply lousy and you easily get pissed off and moody the whole day.

2. Exercise
- Exercise hard and rigorously and you feel good after that. There's a study that the body will release a kind of happy or feel good hormones called Endorphins. To me, I simply love the after effect of a good workout.  It made me less stressful and more productive. Anyway, if you have been idle for a while, it's advisable to do a medical checkup before embarking on any exercises.

3. Turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts
- The power of attraction, negative forces attracts negative stuffs and vice-versa. When you're down, you are actually radiating negative energy to others and in a way, brought the other party down too. Write down your negative thoughts and think of an alternative rational response to it. This is actually called cognitive therapy.

4. Maintains good relationships with friends and family members
- Having good and healthy relationships always yields hapiness and blissfulness. So, try to maintain good relationships with your colleagues, friends, family members ...etc. Of course, not everyone can be buddies with you, thus, it's good to avoid some folks which can hurt your sanity but who knows, he/she could be your best friend someday. :)

5. Be religious
- I always find peace in my religion, especially when stress bogged me down. If God is with us, what can be against us?

6. Eat well and right
-  Eat good food and in moderation will always helps in reducing our blood cholesterol and provides us the immunity from diseases. Drink less liquor and smoke lesser. :)

7. Manage your finances
- This is something which I'm very poor at now but imagine if you're financially stable and strong. This will have cut away most of your daily concerns. It's easy to say this anyway but it's good to have some knowledge on financial planning.I guess can read lots of books and attend some seminars on this topic.

8. Stay healthy
- Visit a doc if you think something's bothering you. I remember I have some chest pains before and quite worry about it and my doc's advice was asked me to part my RM20+ to do an ECG for peace of mind. I did it, all clears and my worries stopped. So, if you have a toothache, see a dentist. In addition, if you need to talk to a psychiatrist, do it and remember you're not insane in doing so!

9. Don't sweat the small stuffs
- It's really not worth our attention on those minor and tiny stuffs in life. It spoils our mood and elevates our blood pressure. Just let go!!

(*disclaimer - These are just my opinions and I'm not trained in healthcare :) See a doc if you are not well!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing Chris, I like number 9. I am learning how to don't care so much...

  2. #1 and 2 are true, i experience it myself
    #3 is very hard
    #4 is very dependent on the other parties
    #5 i cant comment bcs i have none
    #6 yes
    #7 VERY TRUE hahhaha
    #8 goes back to #2
    #9 i am learning how to hahahha

  3. and i think managing the stress from your work is also one important contribution to peace of mind.. :)

  4. kikey - all of us are not perfect but it's worth to work it out for peace of mind. While I'm sharing this, it doesn't mean that I have achieve all these stuffs.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. manglish - haha..thanks for sharing. I like your comments.

  6. sk - yeap, managing stress in work is also important as we spent almost all our time in work. Go for Work-Life Balance! Btw, sleeping well and exercising helps a lot in controlling working stress. Sometimes when you feel good, things seems not as bad as it seems!

  7. Errr.. I find number 1 very hard to do leh! Hardly hav enuf sleep these days.. wake up panda eyed :(

  8. I going need all those good qualities starting from next month onward.

  9. smallkucing - :)

    Merryn - Well, understand it;s not easy being a mum as you have to wake up at night to care for Ethan. How about getting some power naps in the day ? You can do it when Ethan is napping (at home) or during lunch hours (you started work , right?)

  10. i failed all 9 items you listed *SAD*

  11. jen - errr... if you think the above works (which I resally think so), worth give it a try.

    foongpc - :)

  12. I'm not a religious person, but i find that the religious part is quite true. Sleep is not quite...well... you know... i have nightmares... recurring ones, so i can't get much from there.

  13. clef - Like my point no. 8, maybe it helps if you can seek medical help on it. Sleep is healing and relaxing, don't miss out on it. Have a good weekend!

  14. ok..how come my comment is missing..funnygeh..
    i said... everyday is also a stress for me, mine is a transport stress, sending my girl to and from school and worried over one day that if i m not free to take her, how ah... then when u mentioned that When God is For us, who is against us? so if we cast our cares upon Him, He will make a way for us.. no matter how helpless it is, all we have to do is to turn to Him...