Don't bring work back home

Met a friend of mine while on the way back to S'pore at the JB custom and when asked how was his weekend, he looks down. Well, he told me he was feeling pressure from work which incidentally, all these happened on a friday where he supposed to feel good seeing that weekend is near. Just like me,who only went home once a week, we are eager to see our loved ones. Due to those work pressures and with his kind of sensitive nature, he had a terrible weekend where instead of supposingly spending quality time with his family , he got irritated with his kids who asked for his attention and not in the mood while accompanying his  wife for shopping and dining.

Well, I told him though it's not easy to feel good when bad things happened in work, he should at least don't put his entire family down where after missing him for 1 week, they are looking forward to see him. I told him I'm sure his family is dissapointed seeing him down and depressed, where they feel down too which is supposingly a time to relax. I advised him, probably, it will good for him to share with his wife on what's happening  rather than keep to himself, for a listening ear and then try to put things behind or at least, leave it to the next working week to solve his problems in work. After all, work always have a solution....

My take of this posting - Don't let work bring your loved ones down cos work is just one part of your life. There are many other areas in life not to be missed like spending time with family.Just try not to bring work home and affect the peacefulness and blissfulness of the souls!


  1. yea...must balance btwn work n family

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. SJ - yeap...this should be what everybody does, whether you're a big boss, blue collar worker, professional, freelancer....etc, before it's too late.

    BF - Good to acknowledge life is tough which is the nature of life,thus we don't feel in an uncommon situation when faced with adversities.

  3. good post *thumbs up*
    my job doesn't give me much headache but i work with a bunch of retards. of course i'll never let them affect my mood after working hours :)))