Tea break at Seasons, JB

Well, this is what I had for tea during one saturday afternoon while waiting to be fetch home by my wife at Jb's City Square, from Singapore. A delicious and healthy Alio Olio pasta in Olive oil. Seasons' cafe have been in JB for a very long time and have many branches all over the city. It's quite a nice place to have an afternoon coffee here where they served a variety of oriental to western food.

And, Earl Grey Tea for a refreshing afternoon.

Here's how the place looks like, in City Square. These cost me around Rm9.50.
Have a good week ahead, folks!


  1. only 9.50RM for tea and pasta? that pasta looked like there's a lot in it :)

  2. quite reasonable price ler...i mean u got pasta and tea under rm 10...

  3. hey..so simple meal for a change? cheap considering it is in a nice environment..

  4. manglish, vialentino - err..i think so else my memory is faling me..haha

    reana - tea break only mah...I eat those heavy good food during dinner LOL..