I'm going back to Ipoh!!

Well..... it's been nearly two years since I went back and definitely looking forward to go home this weekend for Christmas! OK, let me make a list of the things I wanted to do at home, besides seeing mum and dad, siblings and close friends -

1. Eat 'kai si' hor fun, a few times not just once and sample the hor fun around
2. Visit new Foo San resturant for dim sum
3. Eat the Kg Simee Egg Tart
4. Eat the 'heong peh' biscuits from Gunung Rapat
5. MUST drink White coffee....
6. Go around and take pictures ...
7. Shop at Kinta City
8. Go to old town and eat all the char kuay teow, wantan noodles, Asam Laksa, Prawn mee, Popiah, Yeong tau foo noodles...and etc
9. Ask ReanaClaire to bring me out for makan..LOL
10. Eat 'Kai si' hor fun again with 'nga choy kai'
11. Drink white coffee.. ( did I repeat?)
12. Eat... Eat ...Eat.... etc :)

I guess I will put on weight a week later!! :)


  1. AHHHAAHAAHAHHH.....have a good one in Ipoh, claire is back from Japan i am sure she can jalan2 cari makan with you....hahhahaha

  2. Hope to see your coverage of Ipoh soon

  3. hey.. come back and visit us ah? how long will u be here.. weekend only? bro wah will be around.. so hope to see u.. belanja me then i take u to where u want..ok?

  4. u r hor fun lover? hehe.. :D

    p/s: i am expect to see more Ipoh for ur coming posts then :)

  5. manglish - yup yup..she can't escape

    BF - haha...not really much, at least not as detail as yours.I usually laze at home.

    reanaclaire- now in seremban...likely be back on tuesday

    kikey - i try... :)

  6. Hi Chrisau, really nice have you drop by my place. Always happy have a new friend, and yes, do pop in anytime, you're very welcome.
    I blog for fun and just have fun with my friends.

    Wow, you from Ipoh? I love Ipoh, and the lovely foods there.
    Stayed there wayyyy back in the '70s, at Canning gardens for about a year.
    I stayed practically all over, including Singapore.....but only in hotels.
    Mandarin and Shangrila hotels was my home in Singapore.
    Most of my blog postings have mentioned these two lovely hotels.

    You have a merry Christmas and the best of seasons greetings to you and family.
    Best regards, Lee.

  7. Thanks for commenting Uncle Lee! Your blog really cool...will be visiting u very often! Merry Xmas!

  8. wahsei....lots of to do list when u r back to ipoh esp makan n minum ...hv a safe trip yeah...

  9. Love Ipoh hor fun! Yummy!! Yes, better eat as many bowls as you can!! LOL!

  10. Wow! Your list of things to do I think 90% is on eating and drinking! Haha! Good! Enjoy!!! : )

  11. LMAO... no.9 is a must do. Ask Claire belanja u makan! LMAO...she got a lot of lobang wan, knows so many nice and cheap place to eat. Ehehehehe....

    Neway, Merry Xmas to you and family.

  12. wow! you really love to eat! ^_^
    I love eating too! ^_^ hehe...
    By the way, thanks for visiting my site.

    hopefully my nausea will be over soon so i can go back to my usual bloghopping routine.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  13. vialentino - haha...didn't really do much except ate some good stuffs and attended church

    wenn - hope you had a great xmas!

    foongpc - just two bowls only :P

    cleffairy - aiya..she damn busy over the xmas week...but manage to see her in church

    Meryl - hope u had a great xmas!