Before I went into hibernation at this point of time last year, I used to post lots of Japanese food especially ramen. Well, I thought why not I do another one in this post since I just patronised the grand Warakuya Restaurant last weekend.

It really looks grand outside and spacious!
The restaurant - Folks waiting for their seats while they served free tidbits, fruits and beverages. There's even a small shop selling Japanese stuffs and three massage chairs for tired legs.
If you are coming on weekends, it's best to do an advance booking but still, there is some waiting time. We waited almost 40 mins even though we called in to book. And, now the food ....

Some specialty sushi 

Japanese Pizza ... it's crunchy with full of seaweed taste!

Assorted sushi and sashimi

Fried rice and Cold Soba
Cawanmushi ....our favourite
 The food really tasted good and to me,  it's one of the better Japanese restaurant in JB. I understand they have three branches here in Permas Jaya, Taman Pelangi and Mount Austin. Will visit the other two when I am free. Have a great week!!


  1. I am drooling at the raw salmon

  2. Wahhhhh!!!! Place sure looks expensive. Pre-booked and yet have to wait for 40 minutes. I would have thrown a tantrum and gone elsewhere. Bad, very bad! Did they do something, like a free treat of something special to make up for it? That should be the way to do business.

  3. If I eat Japanese food, sure will order sashimi...

  4. Wow! I love sushi! The special sushi makes me drool. Hmm. Wonder how Japanese pizza tastes like but cannot imagine seawewd in my pizza. Lol.

  5. I have been hearing so much about this place after its grand opening in KL recently. I definitely want to go and try since you have been there! Will I get discount if I show them your blog post?? I might get a free plate of Kurage only. Muahahahahaha

  6. Rice look so yummy . Golden brown

  7. Hallo!! Long time no see!!

    Good to read your Jap food post again, hehe!

  8. Finally, a Japanese food post is back on your blog. Wakaka! Keep posting, Chris.