Pavillion Steamboat, Taman Molek, JB...

Last weekend was a relaxing weekend for me as it was a public holiday in Singapore on Monday while school holidays has started. That means we can break away from our usual routines as all my kids' enrichment classes are off. Though we didn't go anywhere far, it was great to be able to find some 'freedom' around and wind down, instead of rushing to send them to classes.

I thought of having steamboat on a Friday evening after returning back from work and the first place I thought of was Pavillion Steamboat in Taman Molek. I like this place, it was clean, air-conditioned, bright, good service and they gave away ice-cream potong. LOL  The food was not bad too as it was fresh and lots of ingredients given for the per head set meals.

Set for two persons as my kids can't eat much

Side orders - Bacon slices

Side order - Mushrooms

Side orders - Fish noodles

The accompany noodles that comes with the set

Side orders - Fried fishes

All ready to eat....yummy...
Pavillion steamboat restaurant is located at 106G Jalan Molek 2/2 Taman Molek 81100 Johor Bahru Johor.


  1. I love steamboats too especially those in air-conditioned places as my kids get sweaty really quick.

    1. Merryn - Yeah, steamboat have to be eaten in air-conditioned places else it can turn up really messy! I don't like those old restaurants without air-cond serving steamboats....

  2. Not a fan of fish noodles - had that in Sandakan, like fish cake. Hmmmm...feel like having our own steamboat but too lazy to go to the market to but the stuff.

  3. Oooo, I like steamboat place with air cond, nice.. Can eat comfortably.. Wah, they gave away ice cream potong also? Nice.. My favourite is the cendol and red bean one.. Sedapppp..

  4. Okay, the ee mee reminds me that my cousin told me one of his friend can eat 4 of it......=.=

  5. oh yeah, school holidays in Malaysia and public holiday in Singapore.. I heard it's Vesak Day huh?? I realized this day falls in late May or early June in many places but only early May in Malaysia, hahaha!!

  6. for sure you cannot miss this golden opportunity where you can spend a long weekend with your kids while everyone was on holiday!! so besides this steamboat dinner on Friday, what other plans did you have for the weekends?? :)

  7. I like steamboat and I especially love the pork slices and the assorted meatballs.. but I only have steamboat once a year, that is during CNY period.. starting on the eve and the for the next couple of days to clear stock.. isn't that enough for a year?? muahahaha!!! xD

  8. See the steamboat reminds me of few years back during CNY, gathering at a friend house in JB having steamboat..

  9. Hi, I haven't try Pavillion steamboat, the serving look good. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.

  10. Hey, hey we seem to like steamboat too besides kopi kao, toasted kaya bread and Japanese food!
    Last night I just celebrated anniversary with wife to eat at Sukiya's Japanese steamboat.

    You had a great meal too but the Japanese ones seem to be slightly different esp the soup.

  11. I love steamboat! Just had one the other day. Think you should have seen the pictures on my Instagram. LOL

  12. Wow, nice new look in your blog, lovely rosy pink colour

  13. The prawns look so fresh, I love eating steamboat on rainy days, my house downstairs got one stall selling mini steamboat, their ingredients like fish slices, all very fresh