Surprise for wifey ...

I thought of giving my wife a surprise by getting her some new clothes after work. Thus, I text her niece who's staying near to my place to help me chose. I thought the clothes and blouses sold here have more varieties than those in JB, especially she was having problems getting some clothes over the last weekend. Before that, I brought my niece for another Japanese food since she's also like it. Well, not a bad idea, have a pretty young lady to accompany me for dinner. LOL

I order a sukiyaki type of meal with slices of raw beef on top, waiting to be cooked in the simmering miso soup. Love this meal since it's kinda cool lately. The climate was air-cond temperature lately, from 20C - 24C. The beef slices, which contained some fat, was awesome when cooked in the miso soup. The soup was getting more and more salty but tasty as it boils under the cooker.

The set also came with a delicious chawanmushi and salmon sashimi. I was having three meals of salmon sashimi lately, as I had two lunch buffets earlier. However, not a bad thing to eat more fish and omega oil.

This sums up a good evening meal before we went to shop for the CNY clothes.


  1. Buy clothes or just an excuse to go and eat? So, where are the clothes you bought? Show photos - we need proof! :D

  2. STP - lol .... Both. Didn't take the pics.

  3. Oooh. So sweet! Your wifey must be happy to receive her cny surprise.

    Yes last week was a cold week. But since Saturday it has been warm. Good time to dry keropok

  4. Rose - she like it , got her two blouses . I also got her something from Zalora yesterday.

  5. Are those tomato ketchup on top of the beef slices? Penang is not that cooling though :/

  6. Ken - Nope, not tomato. I also cannot recognise it.

  7. How nice of you to buy your wife new clothes... did she like them? Good husband!

    1. Baby Sumo - She was having problems trying to get the clothes she like and I found some in SG.

  8. Hayley - well, just get something for her I try to do that every CNY.