Chinese New Year decor at City Square Mall, JB

Well, in JB, I believe only two malls usually have nice decors during festive seasons. There's Sutera Mall, which boasted the best decors in JB all along and City Square Mall. The latter's decor are quite unique though not as extravagant as Sutera Mall. Their concept always seems simple but nice and unique. I usually walk past by City Square whenever I arrived in JB from Singapore and I will usually go around for a while, since it's a great mall to shop.

A golden majestic  horse welcomes folks to the mall 

Look down from second floor 

Folks from both JB and Singapore shopping for CNY goodies there. 
I will be travelling back to Ipoh this year to celebrate CNY, after missing out the reunion dinner in Ipoh for two years. I had my reunion dinner with my in-laws last year while my parents came over to Singapore in the previous year. Hope you guys have a good time and travel safely.


  1. Gosh!!!! That horse looks awesome, everything in gold, nice...very nice.

  2. STP - yup, that's the first and only object that caught my attention. It's looks majestic !

  3. Nice decor! I see a lot of malls competing to see which one is the best in KL and PJ nowadays.

    This looks like it can compete with the best too!

    Happy CNY to you and your family Chris!

    1. Huai bin - I think no competition with those in kl mega malls. Happy CNY to you too.

  4. It's the Golden Horse year..

    Happy CNY to you and family.

  5. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Chinese New Year! All the best for the Year of the Horse. :)

  6. Thanks Baby Sumo. Wishing you blessed CNY too.