A simple dinner ...

It's been a while since I had dinner at Tea Garden, which was a popular eatery in JB and have several branches all over JB. Usually I went there for breakfast or tea but seldom had heavier meals like lunch and dinner. It was a pleasant place to dine there with its nostalgic architectural designs. They boasted a variety of food from western to oriental and I love most was their kopi, which was very 'kao'. 

My kid suddenly wanted to had this noodle... 'yee mee'. Well, kids usually love it for the crispy noodles.

My wife tried  their salted baked chicken. I find that it too salty and lack 'tong kwai', compare to those of Ipoh's. :)  It's still nice anyway. 

I suddenly feel like having tom yum, thus I went for the seafood tom yum. It's not too spicy but aromatic enough. Great dish!

and forgetting my kopi 'kao', which was my third cup of the day. :P

It was just a simple dinner for a lazy Saturday where I had a long nap in the afternoon. Well, sometimes we all need rest to recuperate from the long, hard week and it's comforting to stay at home doing nothing but rest. Have a good week, folks!


  1. Yee mee, my favourite...

    The ingredients looks a lot...

    Nowsaday find the zi char stall quite expensive, ingredient only a bit...

  2. Hayley - Me too, the noodles are tasty.

  3. Long time no eat yee mee liao! Looks yum!

  4. STP - So, you called it cantonese fried?

  5. Sharon - Everywhere the same la... price increased.

  6. Reminds me of the salt-baked chicken in Ipoh! Really miss it, can't find something similar in Penang, the taste is just different!

  7. Ken - I missed Ipoh's salted baked chicken too! Miss it a lot! LOL...

  8. Caroline - KL got far more delicious ones I'm Sure!

  9. Hi Chris, how you doin'? You sure know your food.
    Love those dishes....
    They what I miss a lot.
    We do get them here where I am, but not the same.
    Have fun and keep well.

  10. I think Ipoh ones is the best la. A lot of herbs

  11. I also love to drink hot coffee. It is always relaxing to sip and chat with friends!