Town of Serendah and Rawang Lan Jia's steam fish ....

As usual, my adventurous bro in law always love to explore smaller towns around and we ended up in Serendah, which is around 30+ KM from KL. I definitely never been to this place though in the past, I always pass by the junction to turn into this little town when express buses were still using the old trunk road to travel between towns.

It was like back to the past or feel like back to the colonial times (though I was not born yet then) as the place came to a standstill with those pre-war and old shop houses. Some of the buildings are not well maintained and I guess it may be occupied anymore. Anyway, it was real peaceful over there and it was good to runaway from the city area.

quiet & peaceful... at the background is an hokkien association building
it's like back to the past.... folks enjoying the slow pace of life here

a run down shophouse ..
caught sight of an old but massive tortoise at a chinese temple nearby

We drove to nearby Rawang to savour the black beans fish at the well-known Lan Je restaurant by the roadside. It was very crowded by lunch time. However, their steam fish is famous and almost every table order at least two fishes, which were not very big portion.
three fishes ad three vegetables ...with a meat on the way.... 
it's a crowd out there..
Well, had a good time going around places nearby the city where I had never been before...


  1. Been to lan je few times.. one fish one person! then only shiok.. hahahaa.. .i guess the prices were sky high yesterday?

  2. i love lan jie!! one fish one person for sure! xD

  3. Claire - dunno how expensive as my bro in law paid. Yeah, one fish per pax but I can't finish it! Too spicy!

  4. Carol - maybe I dun fancy fish that much.... I can't finish it and too spicy for me though it's fresh and nice!

  5. Your photos certainly give the town an old feel. Very nice. The food also - old school stuff, can only find in small places - authentic, unspoilt, not like the Hongkong-influenced dishes in restaurants in the cities. Very nice... Should be quite cheap too - typical of amall places...huge servings and cheap.

  6. Never heard of this place, but looks like a great one!

  7. oops all these live animals. Not my cup of tea.


  8. I also like to explore those small towns

  9. STP - not cheap leh..... But definitely authentic ! I have to add effects to the pixs to make it looks nostalgic ma.

  10. Kucing - 6 fishes.... 1for each.

  11. Bf - should do it..... Very fun and eye opener!