Tang ShiFu restaurant

Well, my wife and I are clueless as to what to eat for lunch this Sunday and she asked me to decide. However, all my recommendations were turned down by her ... for instant, I thought of going to the HK restaurant nearby where the lady boss is very pretty but she don't want. :( Then, I thought of vegetarian food but she said we just had it yesterday. So, since my kid been pestering me for another toy, we decided to go to Tebrau City Jusco and check out the eateries there.

Well, we ended up in Tang Shifu restaurant, where half of the shop is an eatery while the other half sells chinese medicated products. The food on the menu are mostly nutritious stuffs like herbal soup, bird nest, tang kwei, ginseng, cordyceps and etc. However, I like the quiet environment there as compared to other eateries in Jusco which were mostly crowded. It's more relaxing here.

My little girl striking a pose before makan..
Here's what I have, Ning Shen Nourishing Soup Set at RM13.90. It comes with some black beans and meat, brown rice and of course the soup. My wife and my kid shared the Tian Qi Nourishing Soup Set at RM18.90, which also had the same rice and side dishes.

I like this dish - Brocolli with slice Abalone and Scallop (RM13.90). And, my kid really love the slice abalone, he wallops all.
Then, we thought of trying out some small dishes, just at RM2 each. Below is a fresh cucumber tossed with sesame and walnut mix.

Fresh Seaweed with Fungus

My kid enjoying the food...

I took all these pixs with my iPhone 3GS which doesn't have a flash and the pixs are not sharp enough. Luckily managed to edit the pixs a bit. And, last but not least, a coffee but with Ginseng added, for the day. Cost - RM6.90.

Tang ShiFu is located at - Lot S50, Aeon Tebrau City, 1 Jalan DFesa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru.

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  1. everything looks good n yums!! n healthy too!! :D

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  2. Eeeee....healthy eating? No, thanks.

  3. hey, not bad, bro.. take me there if got chance... i m going next month.. get ready!!

  4. yummy looking food. Hope they will open a branch here

  5. that seaweed with fungus looks yummy!

  6. "I thought of going to the HK restaurant nearby where the lady boss is very pretty but she don't want. :( "

    WTH? Lol! U nih Chris! Mau kena lepok from ur wife izit?! kakakaka...

  7. Hi Chris, I see you cross over to JB very often.
    And I guess it does make a change from your Singapore frequented places.

    When I was working old days, I finished 3 of those blue Singapore / Malaysia passports....
    And there were several places in Singapore I frequented for food, alone, with a date or business entreatment.

    Bedok for seafood, ECP too, near that big Splash, Bugis street, North Beach Road,, Beach road, that big iron market near the harbour, forgot the name...
    Clemenceau ave food court....to name a few.

    And yes, remember JB's Tebrau restaurants.
    But you know, my all time favourite is still Teo Chiew moi, ha ha. Cheap, but delicious.
    Used to have that at JB's Jalan Ah Fook often.
    And at Ipoh's Foo Choo Choon street wet market area.

    The dishes you had looks really delicious. And prices not too bad too.
    Have a pleasant week.

  8. Caroline - yeah...very healthy and nutritious indeed. I had tian qi, ginseng at the same time ...haha...

  9. suituapui - huh? aiyoh... cikgu don't eat so much unhealthy food leh...

  10. Smallkucing - they have branches in damansara and one utama.

  11. wenn - it's cheap...rm2 only. anyway, this one is the least delicious.

  12. Merryn - LOL.... see only mah, afterall, my wifey also knows I like to glance at this pretty lady and she also knows im 'harmless'. haha...

  13. Uncle lee - Some of the eateries you mentioned still exists but the shops could have been replaced. I seldom dine in Singapore except for simple meals during workdays. I be back in JB on weekends and that's where I got more adventurous. JB's tebrau restuarants too, changes a lot.

    Haha..yeah, we ordered the affordable ones here. have a good week!

  14. So, one of the day i go JB, u bring me go eat, whahahaha....

  15. Lovely photos you have there!
    I love soup, and all the food looks healthy!